Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Through the Looking Glass" sneak peak #1

Here is the first sneak peak at the Lost season finale, "Through the Looking Glass."

Friday, May 18, 2007

"Through the Looking Glass" promos FINALE

Here is the ABC and CTV promos for the season finale, "Through the Looking Glass." The CTV promo has some interesting footage that wasn't in the ABC promo.



Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Looking Glass Dharma logo

Here is The Looking Glass Dharma logo. There is definitely something in the spot on the rabbit's neck. I can't tell what it is. Any ideas? Also, when you look at the logo on the station, underwater, there doesn't appear to be a spot.

The Looking Glass Hatch - interior

Here's the interior of The Looking Glass Hatch.

The Looking Glass Hatch - exterior/underwater

Here's the underwater exterior of The Looking Glass Hatch.

The Looking Glass Hatch diagram

Here is the diagram of The Looking Glass Hatch. These are some very big promotional stills for "Greatest Hits." You can really see a lot the detail on the diagram if you click for a larger image. These photos are from the ABC promotional stills. [Added third picture - You can see a crudely drawn person standing in the round area to the left of submarine docking area. It appears that this is where Bonnie and Greta came from.]

Bonnie and Greta

We learn that The Looking Glass is not abandoned. Charlie gets a rude awakening when he meets two well-armed ladies, Bonnie (blonde) and Greta (brunette).

Charlie's shoe in the water

Nothing significant about this one. It's just a great/sad shot from when Charlie dives towards The Looking Glass station.

Nadia and Charlie meet

In a classic Lost cross, Charlie meets Nadia (Sayid's lady) when he saves her from a mugger.

The Drive Shaft/Dexter Straton ring

It is revealed that Drive Shaft is named after Dexter Straton. The ring bears his intitals and is a family heirlom. In the first picture Liam is giving Charlie the ring and in the second is the shot of it in Aaron's carriage, where Charlie left it because he is supposed to die.

Karl's little hide-out

Here is Karl's little hide-out which seems to be incredibly close to the Others camp. Has he just been following them around undetected since Sawyer let him go?

Yum, white rabbit

Here we see Alex gutting a rabbit which was to be a meal for Karl. The return of the white rabbit (we also saw a white rabbit in "The Man Behind the Curtain" and "Every Man For Himself").

Bernard and Rose return, finally!

We see Rose and Bernard for the first time this season. In their triumphant return what are they doing? Bickering over tying a knot.

Charlie and Liam's dad - Simon Pace

We meet Charlie and Liam's dad for the first time (and maybe the last). His name is Simon Pace.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Promo for season finale

Here's ABC's first promo for the season finale.