Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sayid tells the others they have until sundown to leave

Sayid makes it back to the temple and walks right past Dogen to give the others Locke/Smokey's message. He tells them that Jacob is dead and they don't have to stay at the temple anymore, they're free. He says the man is leaving the island forever and if they want to go with him, they should leave the temple and join him and they have until sundown to decide. Cindy, who is holding Zach and Emma, asks what happens if they stay. Sayid says "You die." Dogen looks concerned, but remains silent.

Sayid says he doesn't deserve Nadia

In the flash sideways, Sayid is fixing a broken vase after a boomerang incident. Then during an emotional conversation, Sayid offers to pay Omer's debt, but Nadia tells him that Omer must resolve his own problems.

Nadia asks him why he doesn't want to be with her, since he carries her picture around with him. She says that Sayid pushed her towards Omer. Sayid says that he's spent the last twelve years trying wash his hands of the bad things he's done. He ends saying "I can't be with you, because I don't deserve you."

So in this timeline, he still has deep regret about the acts he performed in the Republican Guard (presumably that part is generally the same), but his depression seems to be deeper in this timeline.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sayid stabs Locke/smokey, Locke offers Sayid what he wants

In the jungle, Sayid stops for a drink of water and hears the signature sounds of the smoke monster. Locke appears behind him and says "Hello Sayid." Sayid quickly shoves the dagger into Locke's chest. There is no blood and Locke is unaffected. Locke pulls the dagger out and offers it back to Sayid.

Locke says that Dogen knew that Sayid wouldn't be able to kill him, so he really sent Sayid out there so Locke would kill him. Locke asks Sayid if he'll deliver a message for him in exchange for the one thing he wants in the world, which Sayid says died in his arms (presumably this is Nadia). Locke says that he could see her again.

So who lied, Dogen or Locke or both? Would Sayid have been able to kill Locke if Sayid hadn't let him speak first? Can and will Locke deliver on his promise to give Sayid what he wants?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Omer is rushed to St. Sebastian's, Jack passes Sayid & Nadia

After Sayid takes Eva and Sam to the bus stop, Nadia runs out of the house in a panic. We cut to St. Sebastian's Hospital where Sayid and Nadia pass by Jack in an old school Lost cross.

Omer is being wheeled into surgery with a punctured lung and internal bleeding. The doctor says that he appears to have been mugged. Sayid starts to leave to take care of the situation, but Nadia begs him to let it be and go home and wait for the kids.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Claire delivers a message to Dogen + Dogen asks Sayid to kill Locke

Sayid prepares to leave the temple, when Miles approaches him to find out what's going on. Sayid tells him that he's been banished because he's apparently evil and would be better off dead. Miles tells him that he was dead for about two hours and the others didn't save his life. Someone or something else did.

Then, Claire walks into the temple courtyard with her hands above her head. She walks straight toward Dogen and tells him that "he" (Locke/Smokey) wants to see him. Dogen pretends not to know who she's talking about, then says that he should come in if he wants to see him. She says the Locke wants Dogen to come to him just outside the temple wall. Dogen says that if he goes outside, Locke will kill him and Claire suggests that Dogen send someone that Locke won't kill.

Claire starts to leave, but Dogen commands the others them to stop her. He tells Lennon to put her in the hole for now and asks for Jack and Hurley to be brought to him. Lennon informs him that no one can find them.

Dogen asks Sayid to come back inside because things have changed. In the office, where he pulls a box out from under some flowers. Dogen tells Sayid that Claire is a confused girl under the influence of an angry man who was trapped because of Jacob. He says now that Jacob is dead, Locke/Smokey will not rest until he kills everyone on the island, adding that he is "evil incarnate."

Dogen tells Sayid that the person will appear as someone Sayid knows who has died (which is Locke, but Dogen doesn't know this apparently). He says to plunge the dagger into his chest and if he even allows Locke to speak, it will be too late. Dogen says this is a chance for Sayid to show that there is still some good inside of him.

Locke can't cross the ash, sends Claire into the temple

Outside the temple, Locke and Claire are standing at the line of ash. Claire asks Locke why he can't send Sawyer or Jin inside or do it himself. Locke says that he would do it himself if he could. Claire makes him swear to her that she'll get what he promised her which is getting Aaron back. Locke says "I always do what I say" and that he's only going to hurt the people inside who don't listen.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dogen doesn't kill Sayid, his baseball drops to floor

Sayid marches into Dogen's office at the temple and demands answers. He asks about the tests they performed on him and Dogen says that their is a scale of good to evil and the test showed that Sayid's scale was tipping towards evil. Dogen says it would be best if Sayid was dead.

Dogen then attacks Sayid and lengthy fight unfolds, culminating in Dogen holding a knife to Sayid's neck. Dogen's baseball falls to the floor though, which seems to cause Dogen's demeanor to suddenly change. He tells Sayid to leave to the temple and never come back. He lets Sayid go and picks up the baseball.

Sayid visits Nadia, Omer, Sam & Evan after returning from Australia

At the start of "Sundown" we see Sayid arrive at Nadia's house in a cab, but it is quickly revealed that Nadia is married to Sayid's brother Omer and they have two kids Sam and Eva.

Sayid says that his job is traveling the country, translating oil contracts for an oil company and that's why he was in Australia. Omer runs some dry cleaning businesses and just opened a new store.

When Omer leaves to take a call, Nadia asks Sayid if he received her letters. Sayid says yes and Nadia asks why he never wrote back. The kids come into the room with the boomerangs Sayid brought them from Australia, interrupting the conversation. Eva shows Nadia the picture that Sayid was carrying on the plane as Omer looks in from the other room.

So from the start of the flash sideways, it's clear that Sayid and Nadia have feelings for each other, but what happened in their lives to make it turn out so different? How does Sayid have that photo if it was the one given to him by the CIA and ASIS unless he's lying about his work? Did he still infiltrate the terrorist cell in Australia?

Claire's "friend" Locke/smoke monster stops by

Back at Claire's shack, Jin lies to her and says that Kate doesn't actually have Aaron. He tells her that he saw Aaron at the temple and that he'll help her get him back. Claire is relieved, because she says if Kate really did have Aaron, that she'd have to kill her.

Locke suddenly pops his head in the shack and Jin is stunned and says "John?" Claire tells him that it's not Locke, it's her friend. Locke/Smokey gives a fiendish smile and that's the end.

So how does Claire know that Locke is not really Locke? Will we get to see what happened to her during her three years on the island? What exactly has Locke been telling her besides the lie that the others have Aaron?

Jacob tells Hurley that Jack need to wreck the lighthouse & someone bad is going to the temple

At the lighthouse, Jack is sitting on some rocks on the cliff staring at the ocean. Hurley is still by the lighthouse when Jacob appears. Hurley thanks Jacob for the seven years of bad luck, then says that whoever needed to find the island won't be able to now. Jacob says that they will find another way to the island.

Hurley realizes that things worked out how Jacob had planned. Jacob says that Jack has something to do and he needs to figure it out on his own. He says that sometimes you can just tell someone what they need to do, like Hurley, but other times, with someone stubborn like Jack, you have to let them find it on their own.

Jacob then reveals that he needed both Hurley and Jack away from the temple, because someone bad is going there. Hurley wants to go help them, but Jacob tells him it's too late.

So who exactly is coming to the island and how will they find it? And what is the important thing that Jack needs to do? Is he the chosen candidate?

Names on lighthouse dial + mirrors show Jack's childhood home + Jack trashes it

Hurley and Jack make it to the top of the lighthouse to find a giant dial operated by gears and a pulley to change the degrees. There are four mirrors attached to reflect the light of a fire bowl in the center. Next to each degree, there is a name. The numbers seem to match the numbers Sawyer saw on the cave's walls.

Hurley starts to change it to 108 degrees as Jacob told him to, but Jack watches the mirrors and sees glimpses of the place where Sun and Jin were married and the church where Sawyer's parents funeral was held. Both places were where Jacob met them. Jack then notices his own name and takes over, turning it to 23, Shephard. In the mirrors, he sees his childhood home (the one we saw in the flash sideways earlier in the episode). Jack deduces that Jacob had been watching them and then he snaps at Hurley, demanding to know why Jacob was watching him. Jack grabs a telescope from a stand in the corner and proceeds to smash all of the mirrors.

Here's a list of the names I could decipher on the wheel (be sure to click "Read more" below to view the full list along with tons of screens.

14 - Pryce (Ryan?)
15 - Ford (James "Sawyer")
16 - Jarrah (Sayid)
17 - Barnes
18 - Kueffner
19 - Nguyen

Monday, March 8, 2010

Jack meets Dogen & Dogen's son at David's audition for the Williams Conservatory

Jack goes to the Williams Conservatory t o find David. Once he's inside, he hears David performing "Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor," the same piece of music Jack found in David's room (it's also the same piece young Daniel Faraday performed in the season 5 episode "The Variable"). Jack is clearly moved by David's performance.

A young Asian boy, who we can assume is Dogen's son, tells Jack that David is really good then walks away. As Jack is leaving the room, Dogen stops him and says that their sons are too young to have this kind of pressure. When he asks Jack how long David has been playing, Jack has to admit that he doesn't know, which is reminiscent of Michael's answers about Walt during the custody meeting in the season 2 episode "Adrift."

That's a fun little cross the new timeline, but what does that mean for the island's fate if Dogen never went there?

Claire kills Justin with the axe, Jin tells her Kate has Aaron

Back with crazy Claire, she is holding the axe and threatening Justin and asking where Aaron is. Justin repeatedly tells her that he doesn't know and that they don't have her. She's obviously been convinced by Christian and Locke that they have Aaron.

So she starts to swing the axe at Justin when Jin tells her to stop. Claire says that the other stuck her with needles and branded her, just like they did to Sayid. She shows Jin the scar from the brand. As Claire prepares to swing again, Jin tells her that Kate took Aaron off of the island. Justin tells her that Jin is telling the truth and pleads for her to let him go. Claire pauses for a moment and then swiftly buries the axe in Justin's chest. Jin is stunned.

So why did Claire kill Justin even though Jin told her the others didn't have Aaron? Did she think Jin was lying or was she going to kill Justin no matter what happened?

Jack & Hurley discover the lighthouse, kicks in the door

Just before Hurley and Jack reach the lighthouse, Hurley reveals to Jack that he returned to the island because Jacob approached him in the cab in Los Angeles. Jack reveals that he believes he was broken and that returning to the island could fix him.

They then reach the oceanfront where the massive, ancient lighthouse is revealed. Jack asks the question most viewers, including myself were likely thinking. How had they never seen the lighthouse before? Hurley quickly responds, maybe because they were not looking for it.

A flash of light can briefly been seen at the top of the lighthouse. Once they reach the door, it is locked, but Jack kicks it in and they enter. More on the inside of the lighthouse later.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jack searches for David, goes to his ex-wife's home

Jack comes home from his mother's house to find David missing. He let's time pass from day to night and then calls David again and apologizes if he didn't anything to upset David and says he's going to David's mother's home.

Once he arrives, he knocks and then pulls a key from underneath a small statue of a rabbit (it's not a white rabbit, but rabbits keep showing up in the show). Also, the house number is "233" and 23 is one of the numbers. Once he enters, the shots are very precise to keep any family photos in the dark and out of focus so we can't potentially see who David's mother could be.

Jack goes up to David's room which is full of musical instruments (including a keyboard, guitar and trumpet), music posters, sheet music, CDs and other stuff. Jack stops and looks at the sheet music for Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu" which is sitting on the desk. There is also pictures of Jack and David together from a photo booth, again we see David is a Dodgers fan because he's wearing a baseball cap.

Jack listens to the answering machine messages in David's room. The first reveals his location. He is at an audition at the Williams Conservatory. The second message is one from Jack while he was in Australia. He only reveals that "something happened" and he wanted to hear David's voice.

So who do you think David's mother is? It seems that this is a mystery that's going to pay off sometime soon, because it has to.