Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Claire delivers a message to Dogen + Dogen asks Sayid to kill Locke

Sayid prepares to leave the temple, when Miles approaches him to find out what's going on. Sayid tells him that he's been banished because he's apparently evil and would be better off dead. Miles tells him that he was dead for about two hours and the others didn't save his life. Someone or something else did.

Then, Claire walks into the temple courtyard with her hands above her head. She walks straight toward Dogen and tells him that "he" (Locke/Smokey) wants to see him. Dogen pretends not to know who she's talking about, then says that he should come in if he wants to see him. She says the Locke wants Dogen to come to him just outside the temple wall. Dogen says that if he goes outside, Locke will kill him and Claire suggests that Dogen send someone that Locke won't kill.

Claire starts to leave, but Dogen commands the others them to stop her. He tells Lennon to put her in the hole for now and asks for Jack and Hurley to be brought to him. Lennon informs him that no one can find them.

Dogen asks Sayid to come back inside because things have changed. In the office, where he pulls a box out from under some flowers. Dogen tells Sayid that Claire is a confused girl under the influence of an angry man who was trapped because of Jacob. He says now that Jacob is dead, Locke/Smokey will not rest until he kills everyone on the island, adding that he is "evil incarnate."

Dogen tells Sayid that the person will appear as someone Sayid knows who has died (which is Locke, but Dogen doesn't know this apparently). He says to plunge the dagger into his chest and if he even allows Locke to speak, it will be too late. Dogen says this is a chance for Sayid to show that there is still some good inside of him.

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