Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sayid visits Nadia, Omer, Sam & Evan after returning from Australia

At the start of "Sundown" we see Sayid arrive at Nadia's house in a cab, but it is quickly revealed that Nadia is married to Sayid's brother Omer and they have two kids Sam and Eva.

Sayid says that his job is traveling the country, translating oil contracts for an oil company and that's why he was in Australia. Omer runs some dry cleaning businesses and just opened a new store.

When Omer leaves to take a call, Nadia asks Sayid if he received her letters. Sayid says yes and Nadia asks why he never wrote back. The kids come into the room with the boomerangs Sayid brought them from Australia, interrupting the conversation. Eva shows Nadia the picture that Sayid was carrying on the plane as Omer looks in from the other room.

So from the start of the flash sideways, it's clear that Sayid and Nadia have feelings for each other, but what happened in their lives to make it turn out so different? How does Sayid have that photo if it was the one given to him by the CIA and ASIS unless he's lying about his work? Did he still infiltrate the terrorist cell in Australia?

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