Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jin finds Rousseau's camp, she shoots Robert

After the time skip, Jin sees smoke coming from the beach and goes to investigate. He finds Danielle Rousseau's camp. He finds her music box with the dancers that Sayid fixed for her in season 1. Jin also examines her shelter which has a box of explosives next to it, meaning she must have already been to the Black Rock. After noticing flies buzzing around, Jin finds the bodies of Brennan and Lacombe who have been shot. He hears Danielle and Robert arguing and goes to see what's happening. He finds Danielle holding a gun on Robert and she says that the monster changed him. Robert says it's not a monster, "it's a security system guarding that temple." He convinces her to lower her weapon but as soon as she does he tries to shoot her but the gun doesn't fire. She then shoots Robert in the head and sees Jin and starts firing at him. As he runs away through the jungle, time skips again.

So what happened to Robert down under the temple with the monster to make him turn on Danielle? Is Robert right about the monster being a security system for the temple? It would definitely seem that Danielle isn't as crazy as she initially seemed in the first few seasons.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jin experiences first time skip at the temple

As Jin and Danielle Rousseau are standing outside the temple, the sky lights up and Jin experiences his first time skip back on the island. He moves forward in time a little bit. Montand's arm is still there and has decayed some, but there's still flesh on it.

Also below you'll see some more shots of the temple which is a pretty cool new location for the show. The questions about it are many. Who built it? Is this the temple Ben was sending Alex, Karl and Danielle to in season 4? Why did Smokey pull Montand down the hole? What happened once he and the rest of the French team when down there?

Hierglyphics on the temple

Here's a nice little diagram of the hieroglyphics from There's a few glyphs on his translation that are undefined which I've been trying to decipher though I've only figured out one so far. You'll see my addition in the second image.

The "plurality" hieroglyphic in the second image "can be used as a replacement for signs perceived to be dangerous to actually written" (wikipedia).

Montand is attacked by the smoke monster, loses arm

After killing Nadine, the smoke monster lurks through the jungle before grabbing Montand and dragging him through the jungle. The monster drags him back to a temple (it's not clear if this is "The temple") and tries to pull him down a hole next to the base. Robert, Jin, Danielle and Brennan attempt to pull him out, but all they manage to do is pull his arm off. This is the event referenced by Danielle Rousseau in season 1 when she is taking people to the Black Rock to get dynamite. After Montand is down the hole, he calls back up to them and begs for help. He says that the monster is gone. Robert, Brennan and Lacombe go in after him but Jin keeps Danielle from going in because of her unborn baby.

This would seem to be the "dark territory" that Danielle referenced in season 1. This would mean the Black Rock must be near-by. We learn later that whatever happened to the team down in the hole next to the temple seems to have made them sick. Danielle turns out to be not so crazy after all. If Jin hadn't been there, Danielle would have gone down there and theoretically would have gotten sick too. This once again shows a character we know from the "present" affecting events in the past.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nadine is killed by the smoke monster

As the French team and Jin are walking through the jungle to find the radio tower, Nadine disappears. As they all freak out and attempt to look for her, Jin recognizes the sound of the smoke monster. A tree is blow up next to the group and Nadine's body falls from the tree canopy.

I'm still curious how Nadine disappeared so quietly. It almost seemed like when the others took Cindy the flight attendant in season 2. Generally when we've seen the smoke monster attack, it wasn't quiet at all.