Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Most of the Oceanic 6 and Ben meet at slip 23

Jack and Kate arrive at slip 23 first. Jack shows Kate the address from Tony's (the operative that posed as a nurse) pocket and tells her what happened. That's when Sayid and Ben show up in the van which in turn causes a stand-off between Ben and Kate. Kate accuses Ben of being the one trying to take Aaron and Ben confesses that he did do it. Meanwhile, Sun is in a car watching what's going on. Aaron is in the back seat. Sun has the surveillance photos and the gun in the passenger seat. She takes the gun and gets out of the car.

Will Ben be able to convince Sun not to kill him? During this scene, all of the Oceanic 6 except Hurley are together. It would seem that Ben's plan is falling into place.

There's a mistake with the address. If you look at the original slip of paper when Sayid takes it out of Tony's wallet, it's written in a different handwriting and with a different pen.

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