Monday, February 9, 2009

The group finds Ajira Airways water bottle in outrigger canoe

The group returns to the beach to find the camp back but broken down and littered with debris. Sawyer was hoping for a Dharma beer, but only finds empty cans. Locke finds Vincent's leash but Vincent is no where to be seen. It's then that Daniel notices that the zodiac raft is gone, but Miles notices two outrigger canoes on the beach. Daniel says that they look pretty old, but Miles points out a water bottle with the Ajira Airways logo on it. Juliet says that it's an airline based in India that flies all over the world. Locke points out that they should not stick around to find out when the people who were there would come back and that they should take one of the canoes.

It would seem that the survivors are in the future now. Who came in the two canoes? What Ajira Airways and what is their relation to the island?

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