Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Translation of French team on the beach

Here is a translation of what the French science team were saying on the beach while Jin is waking up (from Lostpedia). One of the team, Robert and Montand discuss that the signal they were following is coming from the island.

Montand: Robert, look, the signal is coming from the island.
Robert: Can you determine the source?
Montand: Of course, look.
Robert: You think the island is inhabited?
Danielle: [To Jin] Are you OK? How are you feeling?
[Jin & Danielle start speaking in English]
Robert: Who is it?
Montand: Who cares who it is. What's he doing here?
Danielle: He says he came on a boat.
[Robert & Montand speak English with Jin]
Danielle: [To Montand] Montand, leave him, he's in shock! [To Robert] Do we have water to give him?
[Robert comes back with the water]
Robert: Here.
Danielle: Thanks.
[Jin & Danielle continue in English]

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