Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The group gets shot at on the canoe before time skips

The gang set out in the outrigger canoe to go around the island to get to the Orchid station. While paddling, Sawyer tells Juliet that he saw Kate in the jungle. Juliet points out that Aaron was born two months ago in which Sawyer replies "Time travel's a bitch." That's when the canoe comes under fire from some unknown people in another canoe. The shooters are dark and shot from a distance to conceal their identities for the time being but there appear to be six people in the canoe. The sky lights up before any of the Losties are hit, but a paddle was lost. Just as the sky lights up Sawyer screams "Thank you Lord!" until he they reach their new time where it is dark and raining. He then screams "I take that back!" So far, this really is Sawyer's year like the producers had promised in interviews. The Losties start paddling for the shore in the heavy rain and darkness.

Wow. So who was doing all of the shooting? Where did these people come from and what do they want?

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