Thursday, April 26, 2007

Naomi's tattoo

Here is Naomi with a tattoo on her right arm.

Sun's ultrasound

Here's Sun and Jin's baby on the ultrasound Juliet administers.

This is where Juliet show's Sun the baby's heartbeat.

The lever in The Staff station

Here is Juliet pulling the lever in The Staff station which opened the secret room.

Mr. Kwon's photos of Jin

Sun notices photos of Jin on Mr. Kwon's wall along with some certifcates and the blue jacket seen in the picture.

Another photo and a newspaper clipping can be seen behind Sun. There is also a martial arts trophy below the photos on the wall.

Sun's file on Jin's father

Here is the photo and map in Sun's folder that she had when she found Jin's father.

Mikhail returns!

Guess who's not dead. Mikhail returns and helps Desmond save Naomi's life.

Sun's graduation photo

Here is Sun's graduation photo taken with her parents.

Jin and Sun's wedding photo from newspaper

Here is Jin and Sun's wedding photo from the newspaper that Jin's mother shows Sun.

Jin's mother

We meet Jin's mother who was a prostitute.