Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bernard and Rose are content living on their own, share words of wisdom

Out in the jungle, Sawyer is questioning Rose and Bernard about where they've been for the last three years. He asks them if they heard him say to meet at the creek after the flaming arrow attack. Bernard says that they did hear him. Sawyer says that he's had Jin out looking for them grid by grid and Rose says "Yeah, we know."

Rose tells them that she and Bernard know that they joined up with the Dharma Initiative. Sawyer asks them why they didn't tell him they were out here so he could have brought them into the Dharma Initiative. Rose says "Because we're retired."

They go to where Rose and Bernard have been living which is a hut/house they built. They have been scavenging food and supplies from the Dharma Initiative to survive. Bernard says that people try all their lives to get a nice little place by the ocean where they can live in peace and he says that they did it.

Kate tells them that Jack has a bomb and Rose says "Who cares?" Rose tells them that "We traveled back thirty years in time and you're still trying to find ways to shoot each other?" Juliet says they just need to know where the barracks are so they can stop Jack or "You're going to be dead." Bernard says "So we die. We just care about being together." Sawyer glances over at Kate and Juliet notices and is bothered/hurt by the look.

Rose tells them that the barracks are five miles away and points them in the right direction. As they say their goodbyes and start to leave, Bernard seems to notice that something is wrong with Juliet and asks her if she wants to stay for some tea. Juliet briefly seems to consider staying, but then says "Maybe another time."

So Rose and Bernard seem to be the only people living on the island who seem to be completely at peace with their life. They may have had some struggles getting set up and stearing clear of other people, but they are content. They seem to disprove the idea that Jacob's black tunic wearing friend has that everyone that comes to the island destroys and corrupts.

Jack tries to patch up Sayid, Hurley heads for the Swan

Hurley's driving away from the barracks as Jack tries to patch up Sayid's bullet wound. Miles yells at Hurley to keep driving and Jack tells him to go to the Swan station. Hurley questions their destination and Jack says "If you want to save Sayid, take us to the Swan."

Jin asks Jack what is at the Swan. Jack says "I think I found a way to get you back to your wife." Jin looks intrigued, but confused.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sawyer, Kate and Juliet make it back to island, discover Vincent, Rose and Bernard

Sawyer, Kate and Juliet paddling towards the island as the submarine submerges and continues on it's journey. Juliet looks back at the submarine, likely wondering if she should have stayed on it. Sawyer and Kate debate whether they are approaching the north shore or the west shore of the island.

After reaching the shore, Kate thanks Juliet for backing her up on the submarine. Sawyer says that he has no idea where they are when the suddenly hear barking and Vincent comes running towards them. Sawyer says that they haven't seen Vincent since the flaming arrow attach on the camp. Juliet asks how he survived alone out here when Rose's voice is heard saying "Oh hello no." She calls Bernard who comes running from the treeline. Bernard is sporting a bushy gray and white beard and scraggly hair. Rose says "They found us." Bernard says "Son of a bitch."

This was the first appearance of Rose Bernard and Vincent since the flaming arrow attach in "The Lie." More on them in an upcoming post.

Roger Linus shoots Sayid, Jack opens fire on the Dharma folk

Jack and Sayid sneak through Horace's house after entering it through the hole in the tunnel. They look out the window and see Dharma security and other members running around. Sayid decides to don Horace's jumpsuit and try to blend in as they walk through the barracks.

As they make their way through the barracks, Phil is advising the security personnel on their assignments. Numerous people seem to look at Sayid and Jack in an odd way, but no one stops them until Roger Linus sees them. Roger screams at Sayid and points his shotgun at him. Roger says "You're the son of a bitch who shot my kid." Sayid tries to warn him that he's carrying a nuclear device but Roger shoots him in the abdomen before he can finish.

Jack opens fire on Roger and the rest of the Dharma folk who are now shooting at him and Sayid. He takes at least one guy down before he pulls Sayid behind one of the houses for cover. Jack reloads and grabs Sayid as he tries to make his way away from the shooters. He takes out another Dharma member before Hurley, Miles and Jin roll speed towards them in a van.

Jin opens the side door and tells them to get in. Jack tells Hurley to drive and they speed away. The back window is shot out as they make their escape.