Thursday, May 21, 2009

Richard breaks a wall between the tunnels and Horace's house, knocks out Eloise

Back in the chamber with the hydrogen bomb, Sayid packs it up and is ready to leave. Richard and Eloise leads them a short way through a tunnel before stopping a stone wall. He takes a sledgehammer to the rocks, breaking through to the lower level of Horace's Dharma house.

Jack says that he'll go first, but Eloise stops him saying that he shouldn't forget that she's in charge. She says that she's going first because she won't hesitate to shoot if someone is in the house. Before Eloise can leave, Richard knocks her out with the butt of a gun. Richard tells Jack that he's protecting his leader. He says "She's going to be angry when she wake up but that's better than being dead." He says that she ordered him to help you and he did and now they're on their own. He says he's going to take her out the way they came in.

Jack and Sayid head through the hole in the wall and enter the Dharma house.

Richard took a bold move here protecting Eloise. I believe it's the first time we've seen him disobey Eloise, though he has done things that Charles Widmore has not approved of. It really seems like Richard is more willing to follow Eloise than Charles.

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