Friday, May 22, 2009

Roger Linus shoots Sayid, Jack opens fire on the Dharma folk

Jack and Sayid sneak through Horace's house after entering it through the hole in the tunnel. They look out the window and see Dharma security and other members running around. Sayid decides to don Horace's jumpsuit and try to blend in as they walk through the barracks.

As they make their way through the barracks, Phil is advising the security personnel on their assignments. Numerous people seem to look at Sayid and Jack in an odd way, but no one stops them until Roger Linus sees them. Roger screams at Sayid and points his shotgun at him. Roger says "You're the son of a bitch who shot my kid." Sayid tries to warn him that he's carrying a nuclear device but Roger shoots him in the abdomen before he can finish.

Jack opens fire on Roger and the rest of the Dharma folk who are now shooting at him and Sayid. He takes at least one guy down before he pulls Sayid behind one of the houses for cover. Jack reloads and grabs Sayid as he tries to make his way away from the shooters. He takes out another Dharma member before Hurley, Miles and Jin roll speed towards them in a van.

Jin opens the side door and tells them to get in. Jack tells Hurley to drive and they speed away. The back window is shot out as they make their escape.

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