Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sayid removes the h-bomb core, Richard asks Jack about Locke

Back in the chamber, Sayid is still working on removing the bomb's core from the housing. Jack asks if a backpack is big enough to hold the bomb and Sayid says yes. Richard picks up a sledgehammer next to column with hieroglyphics on it. Sayid removes the core of the bomb as Eloise watches him.

Richard bends down to talk to Jack and tells him that over 20 years ago, John Locke walked into the others camp and said he was going to be their leader. Richard says that he's gone off the island three times since then to visit him, but he never seemed particuarly special. Richard asks Jack if he knows Locke. Jack says that he knows him and "If I were you, I wouldn't give up on him."

It seems like Richard might be ready to give up on Locke but Jack's newfound support for him might be what convinces him to stay faithful to Locke and help him in the future.

Also, is Richard counting reaching out to to Locke through his high school science teacher as the third time he visited him, or was there another time we did not see?

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