Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Juliet knocks out Mitch, forces the captain to surface the submarine

Back on the submarine, Sawyer is questioning Jack's theory that if the bomb goes off, then flight 815 will land in Los Angeles. Kate says that if he's wrong, everyone on the island will die. Sawyer sticks with his decision to leave the island, but Juliet has her own plan.

When Mitch comes to give them their sedatives, Juliet grabs his head and slams it against the table. She tells Sawyer that "we decided to leave," he didn't make the decision alone and know she's decided that they're going back. She takes Mitch's keys and unlocks her own and then Kate's handcuffs. Juliet asks Sawyer "You want out? You want to stay here and whine about it?" Sawyer tells her to unlock his cuffs.

Captain Bird is on the radio in the control room saying that they are locked onto the bearing and ready to leave the island. As he hangs up Juliet is behind him holding a gun on him. Sawyer takes his gun and tells him to surface the submarine. Juliet puts the gun to his neck and tells him that once they're gone, proceed on course and do not take the rest of the people back to the island. The captain asks what he should do if Horace calls him prompting Sawyer to shoot the radio and say "You ain't home." The captain begins the process of surfacing the submarine and it heads upward to surface.

We finally get a decent look a the submarine Dharma logo which you can see below. It'd be better without that damn ABC logo in front of it.

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