Friday, May 22, 2009

Sawyer, Kate and Juliet make it back to island, discover Vincent, Rose and Bernard

Sawyer, Kate and Juliet paddling towards the island as the submarine submerges and continues on it's journey. Juliet looks back at the submarine, likely wondering if she should have stayed on it. Sawyer and Kate debate whether they are approaching the north shore or the west shore of the island.

After reaching the shore, Kate thanks Juliet for backing her up on the submarine. Sawyer says that he has no idea where they are when the suddenly hear barking and Vincent comes running towards them. Sawyer says that they haven't seen Vincent since the flaming arrow attach on the camp. Juliet asks how he survived alone out here when Rose's voice is heard saying "Oh hello no." She calls Bernard who comes running from the treeline. Bernard is sporting a bushy gray and white beard and scraggly hair. Rose says "They found us." Bernard says "Son of a bitch."

This was the first appearance of Rose Bernard and Vincent since the flaming arrow attach in "The Lie." More on them in an upcoming post.

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