Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ben admits he's never seen Jacob, Richard questions Locke about his resurrection

Locke and Richard are leading the others across the island towards Jacob. Locke stops and tells everybody to take five because they still have a ways to go to see Jacob.

Sun asks Ben who Jacob is. He tells her that Jacob is in charge of the island and that Locke is the leader, a job that he has found is very temporary. Sun asks him what Jacob is like and Ben admits that he has never met him.

Richard tells Locke that he knows that Ben strangled him and Locke says that's what he remembers. Richard asks him "How are you alive?" Locke says that Richard has been there longer that he has so Richard should be more likely to have an explanation. Richard says "I have been here a long time John, and I have seen things on this island that I can barely describe, but I have never seen someone come back to life." Locke says "And I've never seen anyone who doesn't age. That doesn't mean it can't happen." Richard replies "I'm this way because of Jacob and if I'd to guess, he's the reason you're not in that coffin anymore." Locke says that he agrees and he's going to Jacob so he can thank him.

Locke then says that after he's thanked Jacob, they'll need to take care of the rest of the survivors of Ajira flight 316. Richard asks him what he means and Locke says "You know what I mean" implying that they will kill all of them. This plan is another of a growing list of concerns he has about Locke.

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