Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sayid studies Daniel's journal diagrams of the bomb, Richard objects to the mission

Down in the tunnels, Sayid is reading Daniel Faraday's journal and tells Jack that they don't have to move the 20-ton hydrogen bomb. He says that Daniel left specific instructions on how to remove the plutonium core and detonate it. Jack says that they have to wipe out a pocket of energy and asks if just the core will be enough to do that. Sayid says that the core is a thermonuclear weapon.

Richard stops Sayid and says that they put the bomb underground 20 years ago because it was emitting radiation. Richard turns to Eloise and asks if she thinks this is a good idea and confirms that she is pregnant (with as-of-yet unborn Daniel Faraday). She says that because she is pregnant is why they have to do this. Sayid says that once the core is removed, they will have approximately two hours to take it to the Swan station site because Daniel left a very specific time table.

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