Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jack & Hurley find Shannon's inhaler, visit the caves, Adam & Eve skeletons & Christian's coffin

As Jack and Hurley make their way through the jungle, Jack steps on something that was pivotal to the season one plot. It's none other than Shannon's missing inhaler.  Jack looks up and realizes that they are at the caves which were last seen in the season two episode "Adrift."

They go in the caves and Hurley examines the "Adam and Eve" skeletons, which had only been seen once before in the season one episode "House of the Rising Sun" when Jack discovers them. Hurley comes up with a theory that the survivors time travel to "dinosaur times" as he calls it, died and were then laid to rest in the caves.

Meanwhile, Jack is staring at Christian Shephard's coffin which he destroyed in the season one episode "White Rabbit" after he discovers Christian's body is not inside. He tells Hurley the truth about how he found the caves, since everyone originally thought he stumbled upon them while looking for water.

Hopefully this scene is going to lead to an answer to both of these big questions in coming episodes. Exactly who are the skeletons, how did they get there and when? And then, what exactly happened to Christian's body and is it somehow tied to the body's disappearance in the new timeline?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Claire patches up Jin, wide view of her shack

Back at Claire's shack, she is sterilizing some medical tools in water over a fire. It's possible she took them from medical station or got them elsewhere. She also sharpens her axe while she's outside.

Justin tries again to convince Jin to let him go, but Jin doesn't As Claire starts to sew up Jin's trap wound,  she says that she once had to patch up her own wound when the others shot her in the leg. She says she had to move around a lot to avoid the others.

She then says that Christian and then her "friend" (the smoke monster/Locke) told her that the others have her baby. So it seems that Smokey is manipulating her to get what he wants, because he/it certainly knows that Aaron is not on the island.

Once she finishing sewing up Jin's wound, she picks up the axe and turns to Justin and says "Now it's your turn." We'll pick up the rest of this scene later.

Jack helps his mom search for Christian's will, Claire is named in it

Jack arrives at his mother's home (and his childhood home) to help her search for Christian's will. When Margo fixes herself a drink, we can see that familiar red label marking McCutcheon's whiskey sitting with other bottles.

Margo tells Jack that David was upset at Christian's funeral and Jack says that he didn't know. Margo points out that David is likely as scared of Jack as Jack was scared of Christian.

She then finds the will in an envelope on a book shelf. She opens and begins to read and then asks Jack if Christian ever mentioned Claire Littleton.

So what did Christian leave Claire in his will and will this lead to Jack and Claire crossing paths in the new timeline?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Claire keeping a "squirrel baby" in cradle, explosives + Justin's alive

Jin wakes up to find himself in Claire's makeshift shack, his leg still very bloody and painful from the trap. He looks around and sees some random Dharma food, clothing and a crate of explosives from the Black Rock. He then notices a makeshift cradle and looks inside to find a hideous thing made of random animal furs, a skull and other bits. It's been dubbed "squirrel baby."

Claire comes back dragging Justin with her, who was only pretending to be dead earlier. After tying up Justin and she turns her attention to Jin saying "We'd better get that cleaned up. If there's one thing that'll kill you around here it's infection." A clever little line hinting at the infection Rousseau talked about, but referring to a literal infection.

Jin asks her if she's been by herself all this time, and she coyly says "I'm not by myself." When she steps outside, Justin tells Jin that Claire is going to kill them both.

So Claire has clearly gone off the deep end which is especially punctuated by the squirrel baby.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hurley's follows Jacob's directions, tells Dogen he can do what he wants

Hurley makes his way through a temple hallway, following Jacob's directions which he wrote on his left forearm. We can see that Hurley is looking for a specific hieroglyphics symbol on the wall which he finds.

He is then approached by Dogen who tells him to go back to the courtyard. Jacob appears to Hurley telling him to tell Dogen that he is a candidate and he can do what he wants. Dogen is stunned, but folds, muttering some Japanese that translates to "You're lucky that I have to protect you. Otherwise I'd have cut your head off." After Dogen leave, Jacob tells he needs to bring Jack and when Hurley asks how he's supposed to convince Jack, Jacob smiles slyly.

Claire helps Jin out of trap, doesn't know it's been 3 years

Out in the jungle, Claire checks to Justin's body and he appears to be dead. She goes to help Jin out of the trap. Jin asks if she's been out in the jungle all of this time and she says that she has since the other survivors left. Jin says that it has been three years and she seems unaware of how long it's been, much like Rousseau and her 16 years. Claire offers to take Jin somewhere safe, but he is unable to walk.

So, did Claire travel back and forth in time with the other survivors after Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel, or did she stay in the present? It would seem that if she was back in the 1970s, she would have been less likely to have been alone for all of those years.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

David Shephard reading 'The Annotated Alice,' likes the Dodgers

Back at Jack's apartment, we see David's room, which has a framed picture of Dodger Stadium on the wall. Jack tells him that he hooked up the cable in there so he could watch the Red Sox, so this seems to indicate that he doesn't really pay attention to what David likes.

Jack picks up a copy of The Annotated Alice: The Definitive Edition by Lewis Caroll that David has. Jack says that he used to read the book to David when he was little. Jack also read the story to Aaron when he and Kate were together after the Oceanic 6 left the island.

David won't stop and talk to Jack, and we he Jack stops him, David says they only see each other once a month and can't they just get through it. Jack gets a call from his mother and leaves.

We can see here that Jack has carried his daddy issues with Christian into his own relationship with David, which we'll see more of later.

Jacob appears at the temple + Hurley & Miles play tic-tac-toe

At the temple, Hurley and Miles are playing a game of tic-tac-toe on the ground with sticks, leaves and vines. When Hurley goes to the spring to try to find some food, he sees Jacob on the spring's steps, staring at the water.

Jacob tells Hurley that someone is coming to the island and that Hurley needs to help them find it. He says that he'll need to write a few things down.

Jack puzzled by appendix scar, has son named David

We start out the episode "Lighthouse" with one of Lost's signature bad Photoshop jobs. This one features the Shephard family, Christian, Jack and Margo. Next to it is a photo of Jack and Christian at the hospital looking very happy together, which is the opposite of what we've usually seen when they are together.

Jack rushes into his apartment to change out of his scrubs, and while he's in the bathroom, he notices a scar from having his appendix removed. Jack's mother Margo calls and asks if there's an update on Christian's coffin. Jack says that Oceanic told him that the coffin may have been checked through Berlin, Germany. He then asks her when he had his appendix taken out. She says that it was when he was 7 or 8, but in the original timeline, Jack had his appendix taken out on the island by Juliet.

Jack rushes off to St. Mary's Academy where a young boy his sitting on the steps waiting. We learn that this is David, Jack's son. So this indicates a massive change in Jack's timeline. This shows that his timeline has been altered not only 15 years ago with the birth of David, but when he was a child if he had is appendix out. So what are the causes of these big differences?

Monday, March 1, 2010

The candidates names inside the cave, survivors have the numbers

Inside the cave, Locke tells Sawyer and all over the others are on the island because Jacob wrote his name on the cave walls/ceiling. He says that Jacob had a thing for numbers and each Locke, Reyes, Ford, Jarrah, Shephard and Kwon each correspond with on of the numbers. He says that he doesn't know if Kwon means Sun or Jin.

Locke tells Sawyer that he's sure that Sawyer met Jacob at some point when he was miserable or vulnerable. We saw that this happened in "The Incident" in season 5. Jacob met Sawyer at the funeral for his mother and father (see those screens here). Locke continues saying that Jacob manipulated Sawyer, using him as a puppet and pushing him towards the island. He says that Jacob did all of this because Sawyer and the others on the wall are/were candidates to take over Jacob's role as protector of the island.

Locke tells Saywer he has three choices: 1) He can do nothing and see how everything plays out and his name might get crossed out. 2) He can take the job and become the new Jacob. Locke says that it would be a waste of time because it's just and island and doesn't need Jacob, Sawyer or any of the others to protect it from anything. 3) He and Locke can get the hell off of the island together and never look back.

Sawyer chooses option three, joining team Locke/Smokey, but how much of what Locke told Sawyer was the truth? How much was his opinion, how much was lies and how much was the truth? Clearly, he disagreed with Jacob's views, but that doesn't mean that either one of them were necessarily right. We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

Kate's name is conspicuously missing from the wall or at least it is not visible in the scene, so why is she on the island?

Check out a list of decipherable names on the walls below. Click "Read more" below the list to see a whopping 46 screens.

4 - Locke (John)
8 - Reyes (Hugo "Hurley")
10 - Mattingly (name on one of the 1950s military uniforms)
15 - Ford (James "Sawyer")
16 - Jarrah (Sayid)
23 - Shephard (Jack)
31 - Rutherford (Shannon?)
42 - Kwon (Jin or Sun?)
64 - Goldstein
71 - Straume (Miles - who is crossed out for some reason)
90 - Troupe (Gary - the guy sucked into 815's engine)
117 - Linus (Ben or Roger?)
119 - Almieda
195 - Pace (Charlie)
222 - O'Toole
233 - Jones (name on one of the 1950s military uniforms)
291 - Domingo
313 - Littleton (Claire or Aaron?)
317 - Cunningham (name on one of the 1950s military uniforms)
346 - Grant
? - Chang (Pierre)
? - Goodspeed (Horace, Olivia or Ethan?)
? - Burke (Juliet)
? - Lacombe (one of the French team)
? - Lewis (Charlotte)
? - Faraday (Daniel)
? - Bargas
? - Aguila
? - Costa

Locke becomes a substitute teacher, Ben teaches European history

In the final scene of Locke's flash sideways, we see that he is now a substitute teacher at a high school. It seems that he is currently teaching health and physical education. We see him motivating girls to run their springs, then he's in a classroom about to teach the reproductive system.

As he makes his way to the teacher's lounge, he stops to ask a kid where it is. I almost expected to see a kid we'd recognize, but obviously that didn't happen.

Once he reaches the teacher's lounge, we hear a familiar voice. The one and only Ben Linus is lecturing the other teachers about throwing out the filter when you have the last cup of coffee. Locke rolls up and says that he just wants some Earl Grey, which Ben says is a gentleman's drink. Ben introduces himself and says that he teaches European history. Locke smiles widely after they meet.

So here's easily the most interesting meeting so far considering these two characters tumultuous history in the previous timeline. It'll be interesting to find out more about Ben's new life.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Locke removes white stone from the scale + ankh, lute, compass

Once Locke and Sawyer enter the cave, we see a scale with a white stone and black stone in balance. Locke removes the white stone and throws it into the ocean, telling Sawyer that it's an inside joke (presumably between he and Jacob).

On the table in the cave there is also a compass, an ankh and a lute (the stringed instrument you can see below). I wonder if Jacob would hang out here and play a few tunes?

When Sawyer asks if they are there to see the rocks on a scale, Locke lights a torch and leads him further into the cave. The interior cave will be a big post, so it will be separate.

Locke & Sawyer climb down the ladder, Sawyer almost falls to death

As Locke and Sawyer approach a beautiful cliff next to the ocean, we see a ladder peeking out over the side. Locke tells them that they have to go down and Sawyer is hesitant, but Locke goes first.

As he climbs down, we see that there are multiple staggered rope ladders after the wooden ladder that each move the climbers closer to the cave. Locke makes it down okay, but the a few rungs of the wooden ladder break under Sawyer's feet, causing him to scramble to grab the first rope ladder. Then the top of rope ladder breaks loose from the cliff, but the bottom catches, leaving him dangling. He manages to swing over to Locke, who pulls him onto the final wooden ladder. They then climb down to the cave.

Locke seems incredibly panicked about Sawyer dying, so it would seem that Sawyer may be incredibly important to Locke's plan, whatever that truly is. Stay tuned for the awesome upcoming posts about the inside of the cave.

Locke's knives are returned, he tells Helen the truth

Back in the new timeline, Locke wakes up at 6:15 and as we all know by now, 15 is one of the numbers. The sound of the clock is also the same as the alarm in the Swan station. After getting dressed, he looks at Jack's card and calls his office, but changes his mind before proceeding further.

Helen questions what Locke is doing when an Oceanic courier rings the doorbell to deliver Locke's lost case of knives. Locke tells her that he got fired because he lied to Randy about going to a conference. We learn that Locke also lied to Boone on the plane as he was denied the chance to go on the walkabout, just like in the original timeline.

Helen and Locke then share an emotional moment where Locke admits he has come to terms with his limitations and Helen says that he doesn't ever have to change in order to make her happy.