Friday, March 5, 2010

Claire patches up Jin, wide view of her shack

Back at Claire's shack, she is sterilizing some medical tools in water over a fire. It's possible she took them from medical station or got them elsewhere. She also sharpens her axe while she's outside.

Justin tries again to convince Jin to let him go, but Jin doesn't As Claire starts to sew up Jin's trap wound,  she says that she once had to patch up her own wound when the others shot her in the leg. She says she had to move around a lot to avoid the others.

She then says that Christian and then her "friend" (the smoke monster/Locke) told her that the others have her baby. So it seems that Smokey is manipulating her to get what he wants, because he/it certainly knows that Aaron is not on the island.

Once she finishing sewing up Jin's wound, she picks up the axe and turns to Justin and says "Now it's your turn." We'll pick up the rest of this scene later.

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