Saturday, March 6, 2010

Jack & Hurley find Shannon's inhaler, visit the caves, Adam & Eve skeletons & Christian's coffin

As Jack and Hurley make their way through the jungle, Jack steps on something that was pivotal to the season one plot. It's none other than Shannon's missing inhaler.  Jack looks up and realizes that they are at the caves which were last seen in the season two episode "Adrift."

They go in the caves and Hurley examines the "Adam and Eve" skeletons, which had only been seen once before in the season one episode "House of the Rising Sun" when Jack discovers them. Hurley comes up with a theory that the survivors time travel to "dinosaur times" as he calls it, died and were then laid to rest in the caves.

Meanwhile, Jack is staring at Christian Shephard's coffin which he destroyed in the season one episode "White Rabbit" after he discovers Christian's body is not inside. He tells Hurley the truth about how he found the caves, since everyone originally thought he stumbled upon them while looking for water.

Hopefully this scene is going to lead to an answer to both of these big questions in coming episodes. Exactly who are the skeletons, how did they get there and when? And then, what exactly happened to Christian's body and is it somehow tied to the body's disappearance in the new timeline?

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