Sunday, February 28, 2010

Locke's knives are returned, he tells Helen the truth

Back in the new timeline, Locke wakes up at 6:15 and as we all know by now, 15 is one of the numbers. The sound of the clock is also the same as the alarm in the Swan station. After getting dressed, he looks at Jack's card and calls his office, but changes his mind before proceeding further.

Helen questions what Locke is doing when an Oceanic courier rings the doorbell to deliver Locke's lost case of knives. Locke tells her that he got fired because he lied to Randy about going to a conference. We learn that Locke also lied to Boone on the plane as he was denied the chance to go on the walkabout, just like in the original timeline.

Helen and Locke then share an emotional moment where Locke admits he has come to terms with his limitations and Helen says that he doesn't ever have to change in order to make her happy.

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