Saturday, March 21, 2009

Radzinsky building a model of the Swan Station at the Flame, Jin looks for a plane

As Jin sped up to the Flame Station in the Dharma jeep, it was good to see it the station again, not blown up by John Locke. Once we see inside the Flame, we finally see the elusive Radzinsky, who was Kelvin Inman's partner in the Swan Station who put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. In 1977 though, Radzinsky is very alive and is builing a model of the Swan Station, meaning it does not exist yet. He is specifically working on the geodome where the button was pushed every 108 minutes.

Jin bursts in a goes towards the monitors and prints something on the printer. Jin tells Radzinsky that he needs to see the radar logs because he needs to know if a plane landed on the island. Radzinksy treats Jin like he's crazy for asking about a plane landing on the island which angers Jin who throws him against a wall. Jin convinces Radzinsky to put out a system wide alert to everyone asking if anyone saw a plane. When he asks Jin why the plane is important to him, Jin only replies "It just is."

So, what is Radzinsky's job on the island? Obviously he's important because he is designing the Swan Station and runs the Flame on his own. He seems to have the Swan laid out pretty thoroughly, so how long from now will it actually be constructed and why?

In the shots of the monitors (shots 8 and 9), two of them are cameras on the island and one appears to be a news broadcast. The two top corners are odd though. Can anyone distinguish what the images are of?

Miles finds Sawyer with security monitors, Sawyer tells Juliet about the group's return

Juliet goes to see Miles who is on security duty. She asks him where Sawyer is and he says he doesn't know, but spots him on one of the monitors arriving back at the barracks. Juliet rushes back to her house to find Sawyer rummaging through their closet for clothes to give Jack, Kate and Hurley. Sawyer tells Juliet that "they're back" and Juliet does not know who he's referring to. When he tells her who is back, Juliet looks shocked and concerned, possibly concerned about her relationship with Sawyer now that Kate is back. She tells him there's a sub coming in today which is the beginning of their plan to work them into the Dharma Initiative.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Everyone gets caught up, Jin learns that Sun was on the plane

Sawyer and Jin find out that Locke is dead and the Jack, Kate and Hurley find out that it's currently 1977. Now everyone is sort of caught up (or so they think). Jack informs Sawyer and Jin that Sayid, Frank and Sun were on the plane too. That is when Jin jumps in the Dharma jeep and speeds off to the Flame Station so see Radzinsky.

Sayid disappears from Ajira 316, Sun is left behind

As Frank stumbles out of the cockpit into the cabin, Caesar is seeing if Ilana is okay. Ilana looks panicked when she notices Sayid is gone. He disappeared from the plane with Jack, Kate and Hurley. It turns out that Sun is still there though. She and Frank wonder where the others have gone when Ben pops in a says in his creepiest voice "They're gone." When Frank asks him where they've gone, Been says "How would I know?" I'm guessing he has at least some idea of where they could be.

Since Sayid was flashed into 1977 with the others and Sun was left behind, does this mean that she wasn't supposed to come back? Or, does this mean that her path to helping the island is in the present?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

After the flash night becomes day, Frank lands on the island runway

At the start of "Namaste," we go back to Ajira flight 316 where we see what happens to the plane from Frank Lapidus and the co-pilot's point of view. The co-pilot tells Frank that he recognizes Hurley as one of the Oceanic Six and Frank just plays it off. That is when the plane starts to experience turbulence and starts to lose altitude. The bright light flashes and suddenly the night becomes a bright, beautiful day. The plane plunges through the clouds towards the island and Frank manages to pull it around a hill to find a runway. He lands on the runway but can't get the plane to stop and it crashes into the trees. When Frank wakes up, he is bleeding but notices that his co-pilot has been impaled by a tree branch.

It is probable that this is the same runway that Kate and Sawyer were breaking rocks for in season 3 (in "The Glass Balerina" and "I Do") that Juliet jokes about later saying it was for the aliens ("Through the Looking Glass"). Is it possible that the runway was being built specifically for this event? If not, why was it built? Also, why does night become day? Did the plane move through time with the flash, just not to the same time as Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid?

Oh, and it's worth noting that the blue/green screen work for the plane crash was incredibly fake looking. This isn't the first time that air travel CG has been weak. The helicopter scene at the end of season 4 was also pretty bad (see here, specfically the second photo).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Geronimo Jackon song free on iTunes

ABC has released the song "Dharma Lady" by Geronimo Jackson free today on iTunes. That's the album art to the right. You can download the track by clicking the iTunes button below.

Geronimo Jackson - Dharma Lady - Single

The song is pretty groovy and there's a fair chance we will hear it in the next episode "Namaste."

In the album art, you can see some references to the show. The white rabbit and orchids in the eyes. It's an fun little piece. Do you see any other hidden items?