Thursday, March 19, 2009

After the flash night becomes day, Frank lands on the island runway

At the start of "Namaste," we go back to Ajira flight 316 where we see what happens to the plane from Frank Lapidus and the co-pilot's point of view. The co-pilot tells Frank that he recognizes Hurley as one of the Oceanic Six and Frank just plays it off. That is when the plane starts to experience turbulence and starts to lose altitude. The bright light flashes and suddenly the night becomes a bright, beautiful day. The plane plunges through the clouds towards the island and Frank manages to pull it around a hill to find a runway. He lands on the runway but can't get the plane to stop and it crashes into the trees. When Frank wakes up, he is bleeding but notices that his co-pilot has been impaled by a tree branch.

It is probable that this is the same runway that Kate and Sawyer were breaking rocks for in season 3 (in "The Glass Balerina" and "I Do") that Juliet jokes about later saying it was for the aliens ("Through the Looking Glass"). Is it possible that the runway was being built specifically for this event? If not, why was it built? Also, why does night become day? Did the plane move through time with the flash, just not to the same time as Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid?

Oh, and it's worth noting that the blue/green screen work for the plane crash was incredibly fake looking. This isn't the first time that air travel CG has been weak. The helicopter scene at the end of season 4 was also pretty bad (see here, specfically the second photo).

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