Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oceanic 6 press conference and cover story

Here is the Oceanic 6 press conference led by Oceanic public relations representative Karen Decker. She goes through the Oceanic 6 cover story and here's the basics:
  • Based upon the wreckage (most likely the fake wreckage), the survivors crashed near an uninhabited island in the lesser Sumba islands called Membata. They made their way to Membata using cushions and some life jackets and were carried by the ocean currents.
  • Kate gave birth to Aaron on the island of Membata.
  • On day 103, a typhoon washed up the remnants of an Indonesian fishing boat which had basic supplies and a survival raft.
  • On day 108, the remaining six survivors used the raft to go to Sumba, and landed near a village called Manukangga. The photo (the last screen) was taken by a fisherman as the washed up on shore.
  • Once it was discovered who the six were, they were transported by the US Coast Guard to Hawaii.
We also learn as part of the story that Jin did not survive the crash. Sayid also says there's no chance that anyone else survived.

Geez, what a story. Is the birth of Aaron going to cause suspicion about the cover story? If she was supposedly six months pregnant before she got on the plane, there would be potential witnesses to the fact that she was not pregnant, one being the police officer in Australia the marshall was talking to in one of the flashbacks.

Daniel's notes about The Orchid

Daniel Faraday opens up the helicopter feed with the satellite phone and hears Keamy say they're headed to the Orchid station.

Daniel rushes to get his notebook where we see he has notes about the Orchid. He has the Dharma logo drawn on the same page as some formulas as well as the notes "TIMELIKE FACTOR" and "Space Like FACTORS." One note also says "Possible!." Another page of notes says "Using Eddington Finklestein coordinates (V,R) removes the singularity at R=Zm (or R=2m). As R gets smaller - light cones tip over."

In a panic, he then tells Charlotte "We have to get off this island, right now." Daniel knows about the Orchid and knows how dangerous it is.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Oceanic 6 reunited with their families

Here's the Oceanic 6 (Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sun, Sayid, Hurley) about to land at Kalaeloa Airport to be reunited with their families. Oceanic public relations representative Karen Decker lets them know that they're about to land and that they do not have to talk to the press if they don't want to. Jack says that they will talk to the press and they've all agreed to do so. When she leaves, he says, "we all know the story" and "if we get any question we don't want to answer or we can't answer, let's just keep our mouths shut."

When they land at the Coast Guard Air Station, Barbers Point Hurley's parents (Carmen and David Reyes), Jack's mom (Margo Shephard) and Sun's parents (Mr. and Mrs. Paik) are waiting for them. There's a lovely reunion and Hurley introduces his parents to Sayid. No one was waiting for Kate.

In the first show, you can see another person in the plane besides the six and Karen Decker. He/she appears to be a member of the Coast Guard. Why are the six comfortable talking about their cover story in front of this person?

Coast Guard pilots fly Oceanic 6 to Hawaii

Here's the flight deck of the plane that is flying to Oceanic 6 to Hawaii. We see the two pilots that are part of the Coast Guard Air Team. One pilot is very paranoid about their "cargo," so he keeps rubbing a rabbit's foot for luck.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hurley and Ben share candy, Locke get his orders

In a great comical/nice scene with no dialogue, Hurley shares his Apollo Bar with Ben. The mood shifts as Locke emerges from Jacob's cabin with his orders. He says, "He wants us to move the island."

Christian Shephard and Claire in Jacob's cabin!

Locke goes into Jacob's cabin to find Christian Shephard instead of Jacob. Christian can speak on Jacob's behalf. Both Christian and Locke know that Locke is there because he was chosen to be. Locke then turns and sees Claire sitting in a chair with a devilish grin on her face. She tells John that she's with Christian. Christian says that Aaron is where he needs to be which is not there. John is confused by Claire being there but Christian says there's no time for that. Christian knows the people on the boat are already on their way back and that Locke should ask the one question that does matter. Locke then asks, "How do I save the island?" Christian and Claire both look pleased.

This is possibly the best scene so far this season. The number of questions that arise from it are seemingly endless. Why is Claire there? Why does she look so devilish/sneaky? Why is Christian there and not Jacob? Is Christian Jacob? I could go on for days.

Locke, Ben and Hurley find Jacob's cabin

With help of Horace's map, Locke, Ben and Hurley find Jacob's cabin. Ben does not go in because he says the island wanted him to get sick and for John to get well. He then says, "My time is over John. It's yours now." Hurley decides to stay outside as well. Locke then lights a lantern and enters the cabin.

The next post will be the exhilarating happenings inside the cabin.

Frank gives the beach camp a trail to follow

Frank packs up a satellite phone with a GPS locator activated before the helicopter takes off. He puts in in a pack and drops it as the helicopter flies over the beach camp. There are two signals on the GPS unit. One is the sat phone that Jack has (the red triangle) and the other is on the chopper (the yellow dot), possibly Keamy's sat phone. Jack thinks that the chopper wants them to follow it.

Keamy kills Dr. Ray and Captain Gault

When Frank says he's not going to fly Keamy and his team back to the island, Keamy, in another act of brutal violence, slits Dr. Ray's neck and throws him overboard. Captain Gault shows up firing a gun in the air and tells Keamy to stand down. Keamy points out the device on his arm, Gault turns to ask "What's that on his arm?." Keamy then shoots Captain Gault. Frank then agrees to fly the helicopter back to the island.

In the end, Captain Gault died a hero. He didn't seem to accomplish much, but he did help Sayid leave the freighter.