Saturday, February 6, 2010

The gang digs through the Swan Station wreckage

At the remains of the Swan Station, Jack, Kate, Miles, Sawyer and Jin work to reach Juliet. In the rubble you can see the stationary bike, the washer/dryer, some Dharma food, at least one of the vinyl records and tons of other stuff. They use the van to pull a beam off the pile so Sawyer can reach Juliet. The emotional moments after that are for another post.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sayid helps Jack save Charlie's life on Oceanic 815

Back on Oceanic 815, Cindy puts the call out for a doctor and Jack (still sitting by Desmond), comes to the rescue. It turns out that Charlie has locked himself in the bathroom and is unconscious. Sayid appears and offers his help which involves kicking the door open.

As Cindy is getting a first aid kit, Sawyer stops her to ask what's going on and tosses one of his trademark nicknames, calling her Earhart (after pilot Ameilia Earhart who disappeared).

Sayid helps Jack try to resuscitate Charlie, but he's initially unsuccessful. Jack sticks two finers in Charlie's mouth and pulls out a baggie of heroin. Jack looks for a pen, but it turns out Kate stole his when she bumped into him. Charlie comes to and asks if he's alive, which Jack confirms. Charlie then repeats his infamous one word line from the pilot (which he says after they experience the monster for the first time), "Terrific."

Locke tells Ben to bring Richard to him + Ben sees Locke's body

Back inside the four-toed statue, Locke picks up the bloody knife and cuts a piece of a rug up to wipe the blood off. Ben is still staring into the fire and asks why Jacob didn't fight back and Locke says that Jacob must have he was beaten. Locke then tells Ben to go outside and tell Richard that he want to talk to him.

Outside, Richard, Ilana and Bram are having a heated discussion about what's going on and Richard says that they can't go in because Jacob has to invite them in. Ilana argues that they were invited by Jacob, but Richard promptly tells them that they are not in charge because they asked "What lies in the shadow of the statue?"

When Ben emerges from the statue and Richard asks him what happened, he lies and says that Jacob's fine. When he tells Richard that Locke wants to talk to him, Richard's not having any of it. He grabs Ben and throws him on the beach next to Locke's dead body, which leaves Ben wide-eyed and shocked.

Locke meets Boone on 815 + Jin makes Sun button up

On the new Oceanic 815, we see Sun admiring the affection that Rose and Bernard have for each other. Then we see Jin do something we saw him do on the island in part two of the pilot. He tells sun to button the top button on her sweater.

We then move a few rows forward where Locke is reading the flight safety card, when we hear Boone's voice telling him that they'd never survive a water landing. Locke corrects him saying that with a good pilot and calm seas, they could survive a water landing.

Boone tells Locke that he went to Australia to save his sister (Shannon) from a bad relationship she didn't want out of, so she's not on the plane this time. In another huge variation from the original story, Locke tells Boone that he actually went on his walkabout and survived. Interestingly enough, Boone later says "If this thing goes down, I'm sticking with you," which is similar to the fact that Boone stuck with Locke on the island.

Throughout each of these 815 scenes, the big question still is, what do these changes, both pre-815 and post mean to the larger story of "Lost?"

Oh and during the whole Locke and Boone scene, you can see Neil Frogurt asleep in the seat between them.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dead Jacob visits Hurley, wants him to save Sayid

Back in 2007, Hurley is with Sayid at the van as he is slowly bleeding to death. Jin runs off to find the folks at the Swan and that's when Sayid asks Hurley "What do you think will happen to me?" and says that he's tortured more people than he can remember. He says wherever he's going can't be very pleasant.

Hurley then hears a noise, grabs a gun and goes to find out what it is. He turns around to discover Jacob and follows him back to Sayid. Jacob tells Hurley that Jin won't be able to see him because he died an hour ago. He says he was killed by "an old friend who grew tired of my company."

Jacob seems very concerned about Sayid approaching death's door and gives Hurley instructions. He tells Hurley to take Sayid to the Temple and that Jin will know where to go. He also says to bring the guitar case.

When Hurley asks Jacob who he is, Jacob tells him. Hurley's eyes widen when he hears the name. This makes Hurley the first person to truly meet Jacob and actually know who he is.

Jack & Kate meet on 815 + Edwards Mars & Leslie Arzt return + Sawyer & Hurley meet

Back in our flash-sideways, Jack meets the marshal, Edward Mars at the lavatory waiting for Kate inside. Kate bumps into Jack, who seems downright giddy to meet her.

Back at their seats, Edward takes Kate's silverware, leavin her to eat her lasagna without them. Sawyer bumps into Edward, which is reminiscent to when he bumped into the cop's desk in Australia in Boone's flashback in season 1.

A few rows back, we see the return of Leslie Arzt. He's pestering Hurley to say the Mr. Cluck's catchphrase which is a reference to what we saw in the commercials released last year (check those out here and here). Sawyer is across the isle an hears Hurley tell Arzt he won the lottery and Sawyer tells Hurley that he shouldn't tell people that he won the lottery because they'll take advantage of him. Hurley tells Sawyer that it could never happen because he's the "luckiest guy alive." This another big change is this timeline.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kate wakes up in a tree + Swan Station still imploded

After the hydrogen bomb blast, Kate wakes up in a tree a short distance from the Swan Station site. She has a ringing in her ears which fades as Miles finds her. She discovers the door to the Swan and runs towards it, finding it in similar (possibly the same, just not CG) disrepair as it was in after Desmond turned the fail-safe key.

Jack and Sawyer are both passed out and after they both wake up, Sawyer continues his beatdown from season 5, kicking Jack into the pit. Jack is incredibly distraught about his/Faraday's plan seemingly not working.

The island underwater in new timeline

As Jack looks out the window of the new Oceanic 815 flight, we swoop down under water to discover that in this timeline, the island is under water. We see the sonic fence, the dilapidated Dharma barracks and the four-toed statue. We also pass by a Dharma shark, possibly the same one we saw in season two, even though this one has the Hydra logo where the other had a generic logo.

So what happened to the island is this timeline and when did it happen? We'll have to wait and see.

Jack back on Oceanic 815 with Rose, Benard & Desmond?! + less booze + blood on his neck

We're back and "LA X" was a hell of an episode. We start with Jack, back on Oceanic 815. While many things are very similar, there are some distinct differences. When flight attendant Cindy Chandler gives Jack extra alcohol, this time he gets just one bottle instead of two.

Also, when the plane hits turbulence, Rose comforts Jack instead of the other way around. Jack is desperately gripping his armrest. During the entire scene, Jack seems shell-shocked, like he knows something is not right but he can't quite place it.

After the turbulence passes, we hear the familiar sound of Captain Seth Norris' voice. Jack gets up and goes to the restroom where he notices a spot of blood on his neck, which he wipes off.

And then the kicker. When Jack returns to his seat, he finds Mr. Desmond Hume sitting on the isle seat. Desmond is reading the book Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie. Jack clearly has a memory of Desmond, but is it from the track years ago or from the island? In this reality, did Jack and Desmond ever meet at the track?

In the background of the scene, we can also see Jin, Sun, Locke and Frogurt.