Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dead Jacob visits Hurley, wants him to save Sayid

Back in 2007, Hurley is with Sayid at the van as he is slowly bleeding to death. Jin runs off to find the folks at the Swan and that's when Sayid asks Hurley "What do you think will happen to me?" and says that he's tortured more people than he can remember. He says wherever he's going can't be very pleasant.

Hurley then hears a noise, grabs a gun and goes to find out what it is. He turns around to discover Jacob and follows him back to Sayid. Jacob tells Hurley that Jin won't be able to see him because he died an hour ago. He says he was killed by "an old friend who grew tired of my company."

Jacob seems very concerned about Sayid approaching death's door and gives Hurley instructions. He tells Hurley to take Sayid to the Temple and that Jin will know where to go. He also says to bring the guitar case.

When Hurley asks Jacob who he is, Jacob tells him. Hurley's eyes widen when he hears the name. This makes Hurley the first person to truly meet Jacob and actually know who he is.

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