Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jack & Kate meet on 815 + Edwards Mars & Leslie Arzt return + Sawyer & Hurley meet

Back in our flash-sideways, Jack meets the marshal, Edward Mars at the lavatory waiting for Kate inside. Kate bumps into Jack, who seems downright giddy to meet her.

Back at their seats, Edward takes Kate's silverware, leavin her to eat her lasagna without them. Sawyer bumps into Edward, which is reminiscent to when he bumped into the cop's desk in Australia in Boone's flashback in season 1.

A few rows back, we see the return of Leslie Arzt. He's pestering Hurley to say the Mr. Cluck's catchphrase which is a reference to what we saw in the commercials released last year (check those out here and here). Sawyer is across the isle an hears Hurley tell Arzt he won the lottery and Sawyer tells Hurley that he shouldn't tell people that he won the lottery because they'll take advantage of him. Hurley tells Sawyer that it could never happen because he's the "luckiest guy alive." This another big change is this timeline.

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