Friday, February 5, 2010

Locke meets Boone on 815 + Jin makes Sun button up

On the new Oceanic 815, we see Sun admiring the affection that Rose and Bernard have for each other. Then we see Jin do something we saw him do on the island in part two of the pilot. He tells sun to button the top button on her sweater.

We then move a few rows forward where Locke is reading the flight safety card, when we hear Boone's voice telling him that they'd never survive a water landing. Locke corrects him saying that with a good pilot and calm seas, they could survive a water landing.

Boone tells Locke that he went to Australia to save his sister (Shannon) from a bad relationship she didn't want out of, so she's not on the plane this time. In another huge variation from the original story, Locke tells Boone that he actually went on his walkabout and survived. Interestingly enough, Boone later says "If this thing goes down, I'm sticking with you," which is similar to the fact that Boone stuck with Locke on the island.

Throughout each of these 815 scenes, the big question still is, what do these changes, both pre-815 and post mean to the larger story of "Lost?"

Oh and during the whole Locke and Boone scene, you can see Neil Frogurt asleep in the seat between them.

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