Friday, February 5, 2010

Sayid helps Jack save Charlie's life on Oceanic 815

Back on Oceanic 815, Cindy puts the call out for a doctor and Jack (still sitting by Desmond), comes to the rescue. It turns out that Charlie has locked himself in the bathroom and is unconscious. Sayid appears and offers his help which involves kicking the door open.

As Cindy is getting a first aid kit, Sawyer stops her to ask what's going on and tosses one of his trademark nicknames, calling her Earhart (after pilot Ameilia Earhart who disappeared).

Sayid helps Jack try to resuscitate Charlie, but he's initially unsuccessful. Jack sticks two finers in Charlie's mouth and pulls out a baggie of heroin. Jack looks for a pen, but it turns out Kate stole his when she bumped into him. Charlie comes to and asks if he's alive, which Jack confirms. Charlie then repeats his infamous one word line from the pilot (which he says after they experience the monster for the first time), "Terrific."

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