Friday, February 5, 2010

Locke tells Ben to bring Richard to him + Ben sees Locke's body

Back inside the four-toed statue, Locke picks up the bloody knife and cuts a piece of a rug up to wipe the blood off. Ben is still staring into the fire and asks why Jacob didn't fight back and Locke says that Jacob must have he was beaten. Locke then tells Ben to go outside and tell Richard that he want to talk to him.

Outside, Richard, Ilana and Bram are having a heated discussion about what's going on and Richard says that they can't go in because Jacob has to invite them in. Ilana argues that they were invited by Jacob, but Richard promptly tells them that they are not in charge because they asked "What lies in the shadow of the statue?"

When Ben emerges from the statue and Richard asks him what happened, he lies and says that Jacob's fine. When he tells Richard that Locke wants to talk to him, Richard's not having any of it. He grabs Ben and throws him on the beach next to Locke's dead body, which leaves Ben wide-eyed and shocked.

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