Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No new episode tonight, rerun of "LaFleur"

Just a heads up for those who don't know, but there's no new episode on tonight (March 11). ABC will rerun "LaFleur" tonight at 9 PM and there will be a new episode next week (March 18) titled "Namaste."

Sawyer gets a call from Jin, reunites with Hurley, Jack and Kate

As Sawyer and Juliet are asleep in bed, the phone rings. Sawyer answers and it's Jin who presumably tells him that he found Jack, Hurley and Kate. Sawyer tells him to meet him in the north valley and starts to rush out. He doesn't tell Juliet what's going on.

Sawyer drives to the north valley in a blue Dharma jeep. Jin drives up in a Dharma van and Hurley and Jack get out immediately. A moment later Kate gets out of the van and there's the dramatic moment where the both smile a bit and the episode ends.

Why did Sawyer not tell Juliet what was happening? I guess the big question is, what will happen between Sawyer and Juliet now that Kate has returned?

Sawyer tells Horace about Kate, we see ankh again

We see Sawyer reading a book as Horace Goodspeed is waking up after his tree blowing up bender. The cover of the book is blank and the spine is not visible, so we don't know what he was reading. Horace wakes up and Sawyer tells him good news and bad news. The good is that he's a daddy and the bad news is that he missed it. Horace tells him that his bender was caused by him finding Paul's ankh in Amy's sock drawer. Horace says that it's only been three years since Paul died and asks "Is three years long enough to get over someone?" Sawyer replies telling him how he "had a thing for a girl once" who he a shot with but didn't take, referring to Kate. He says he used lay awake a night wondering if it was a mistake but now he can barely remember what she looks like. He says she is gone and is never coming back (though that's about to change). He says three years is absolutely long enough to get over someone.

As Sawyer is telling his story to Horace, while it's sad, he seems at peace with it all and happy with the life he has now. Oh how that is about to change.

It's worth noting that this scene is esentially a reversal of the earlier scene in the episode where Sawyer wakes up to find Horace standing next to him (that post is here).

Sawyer and Juliet are in love, kiss

Back (or should I say forward) in 1977, we see Sawyer walking through the Dharma barracks looking very happy and he stops to pick a flower. He walks into one of the houses where Juliet is making dinner. We can see a bottle of Dharma Merlot on the table with the Swan Station logo on it. Sawyer gives Juliet the flower and we see them kiss for the first time. The appear to be incredibly happy and very much in love.

Sawyer seems to have found happiness living with the Dharma Initiative that he was never able to obtain in his pre-island life. The evolution of this character came to fruition with the 1977 timeline and of course as we see him as happy as he's ever been, his life will become more difficult again.

So how exactly did Juliet staying two weeks turn into three years?

Sawyer convinces Juliet to stay on the island next to the submarine

Sawyer finds Juliet sitting at the dock by the submarine and he tells her that Horace is giving them two weeks to look for their "missing crew members." Juliet says that Locke already saved them and that she's going to leave the island on the submarine. Sawyer reminds her that it is 1974 and whatever she thinks she is going back to doesn't exist yet. She says that is not a reason to stay. Sawyer asks if she's really going to leave him there with the "mad scientist," "Mr. I speak to dead people" and Jin who is "not exactly the greatest conversationalist." He convinces Juliet to stay for two more weeks which we learn ended up turning out to be a lot longer.

This is the first time we've seen the submarine since young Ben arrived on the island in the season 3 episode "The Man Behind the Curtain." Also, you can see a generic Dharma logo on the crate that Juliet is leaning on. No real significance to spotting Dharma logos anymore since we're in the Dharma era, but it's still fun to look for them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amy gives up Paul's body to maintain the truce

Amy is sitting by Paul's body in when Horace and Sawyer come in. Horace tells her that to maintain the truce, Richard wants to take Paul's body back with him. She immediately gets distraught and starts to shake her head signaling no. Horace tells her that if she doesn't want to give them Paul's body, then they will "suffer the consequences." She tells Horace that they can take Paul because he would want to keep them safe. She asks for a minute alone with Paul and she uses the time to take an ankh necklace from his neck. An ankh is a symbol of life and/or immortality. The giant statue also may have been holding an ankh (see photos here). As she is leaving, Sawyer apologizes to her.

Horace then tells Sawyer that the submarine will return in two weeks and that he and his crew can stay until then so they can look for their other men.

It would seem that the ankh symbol may be an important symbol in the island's mythology. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it figures into the big picture.

Sawyer talks to Richard about Jughead and Locke

Horace Goodspeed emerges from one of the houses and nervously greets Richard Alpert. Horace says "I wish you would have told me you were coming and I would have turned the fence off for you." Richard replies "That fence may keep other things out, but not us." Richard goes on to tell Horace that the truce has been broken because two of his men are missing. Horace denies knowing what Richard is talking about. That's when Richard gets up in Horace's face but we don't hear what is said because we join the group inside the house.

Moments later Horace and Phil barge in and Horace asks Sawyer how well he buried the two bodies. Horace tells Phil to call The Arrow Station and tell them that they are at "condition one, take the heavy ordinance and make sure the fence is at maximum." Sawyer tells Horace that he wants to talk to Richard or as he puts it, "your buddy with the eyeliner." This is in reference to many fans saying that Nestor Carbonell (who plays Richard) always looks like he's wearing eyeliner when in fact, he just has thick, dark eyelashes. Sawyer goes to talk to Richard without Horace's consent.

Sawyer goes out to Richard and tells him that he killed his men. He truthfully explains what happened. Sawyer then tells him that he's not part of the Dharma Initiative so the truce has not been broken. Richard asks him who he is since he is not Dharma. Sawyer replies by asking "Did you bury the bomb? The hydrogen bomb with Jughead written on the side, did you bury it?" Richard looks stunned at this point. Sawyer continues by tell Richard he knows that a bald guy named John Locke limped into their camp and told them that he was their leader before he disappeared. Sawyer tells Richard that he's waiting for Locke to come back. Sawyer then asks "So do you still think I'm a member of the damn Dharma Initiative?" Richard says, "No I guess I don't." Richard then tells him that no matter who Sawyer is, two of his men are dead and his people need justice. More on that in the next post.

So how is it that Richard and his people are not affected by the sonic fence? He seems to reference the smoke monster when he says that the fence "may keep other things out." It seems odd that Sawyer told Richard the truth while he felt the need to lie to Horace and the Dharma folk. Why does Sawyer seem to trust Richard, though it may be very little?

Alarm sounds in Dharma barracks, Richard Alpert strides out of jungle

While Sawyer tells the group about his conversation with Horace, the alarm sounds in the Dharma barracks indicating that someone has broken through the perimeter. Security officer Phil comes and tells the group to get inside. They enter one of the houses where a woman named Heather watches out the window while holding a gun. Sawyer and Juliet watch from one of the windows and see Richard Alpert confidently and angrily stride out of the jungle. He jams his torch into the ground and both Sawyer and Juliet look concerned.

This is the same alarm we heard in "The Man Behind the Curtain" in season 3 when young Ben and Annie are in class.

Daniel sees Charlotte as a child at Dharma barracks

While sitting at a table in the Dharama barracks with the rest of the group, Daniel notices a young girl running around wearing a bright red dress who has red hair. He recognizes the girl and Charlotte and sort of gasps her name before his gaze is interrupted by Horace and Sawyer.

I would imagine that in weeks to come as long as we say in the 1970s, we'll see whether or not Daniel chooses warns young Charlotte about coming back to the island and possibly why her mother takes her from the island and why her father stays behind.