Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amy gives up Paul's body to maintain the truce

Amy is sitting by Paul's body in when Horace and Sawyer come in. Horace tells her that to maintain the truce, Richard wants to take Paul's body back with him. She immediately gets distraught and starts to shake her head signaling no. Horace tells her that if she doesn't want to give them Paul's body, then they will "suffer the consequences." She tells Horace that they can take Paul because he would want to keep them safe. She asks for a minute alone with Paul and she uses the time to take an ankh necklace from his neck. An ankh is a symbol of life and/or immortality. The giant statue also may have been holding an ankh (see photos here). As she is leaving, Sawyer apologizes to her.

Horace then tells Sawyer that the submarine will return in two weeks and that he and his crew can stay until then so they can look for their other men.

It would seem that the ankh symbol may be an important symbol in the island's mythology. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it figures into the big picture.

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