Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daniel sees Charlotte as a child at Dharma barracks

While sitting at a table in the Dharama barracks with the rest of the group, Daniel notices a young girl running around wearing a bright red dress who has red hair. He recognizes the girl and Charlotte and sort of gasps her name before his gaze is interrupted by Horace and Sawyer.

I would imagine that in weeks to come as long as we say in the 1970s, we'll see whether or not Daniel chooses warns young Charlotte about coming back to the island and possibly why her mother takes her from the island and why her father stays behind.


Amanda said...

They are in 1977 at this point aren't they? This couldn't be Charlotte, as Ben says she was born in 1979. Either the writers are being lazy or we can't trust Ben's autobiography. Though according to Charlotte's reaction at the time, he was correct.

Kevin said...

They are in 1974 at this point and 1977 three years later. I'd bet that Ben's biography had a few misdirects in it or he was unaware of Charlotte's island life. I don't know though. This is a head scratcher.