Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sawyer convinces Juliet to stay on the island next to the submarine

Sawyer finds Juliet sitting at the dock by the submarine and he tells her that Horace is giving them two weeks to look for their "missing crew members." Juliet says that Locke already saved them and that she's going to leave the island on the submarine. Sawyer reminds her that it is 1974 and whatever she thinks she is going back to doesn't exist yet. She says that is not a reason to stay. Sawyer asks if she's really going to leave him there with the "mad scientist," "Mr. I speak to dead people" and Jin who is "not exactly the greatest conversationalist." He convinces Juliet to stay for two more weeks which we learn ended up turning out to be a lot longer.

This is the first time we've seen the submarine since young Ben arrived on the island in the season 3 episode "The Man Behind the Curtain." Also, you can see a generic Dharma logo on the crate that Juliet is leaning on. No real significance to spotting Dharma logos anymore since we're in the Dharma era, but it's still fun to look for them.

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