Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sawyer gets a call from Jin, reunites with Hurley, Jack and Kate

As Sawyer and Juliet are asleep in bed, the phone rings. Sawyer answers and it's Jin who presumably tells him that he found Jack, Hurley and Kate. Sawyer tells him to meet him in the north valley and starts to rush out. He doesn't tell Juliet what's going on.

Sawyer drives to the north valley in a blue Dharma jeep. Jin drives up in a Dharma van and Hurley and Jack get out immediately. A moment later Kate gets out of the van and there's the dramatic moment where the both smile a bit and the episode ends.

Why did Sawyer not tell Juliet what was happening? I guess the big question is, what will happen between Sawyer and Juliet now that Kate has returned?

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