Sunday, March 8, 2009

Juliet works for Dharma motor pool, delivers Amy's baby

Amy is in labor in the Dharma infirmary. The doctor says that the baby is upside down in the womb and she needs a Caesarean section, but he can't do it because he is an internist. The baby is two weeks early and Amy was supposed to leave the island and give birth on the mainland like all of their women do. Sawyer goes to get Juliet, who is working in the Dharma motor pool. He finds her underneath one of the vans. By the way, the wrench Dharma logo is a bit too spot on. It's definitley the cheesiest logo so far. Juliet reluctantly goes to deliver Amy's baby and the internist doesn't want her to, buy Amy says she wants Juliet to do it.

While Juliet is performing the Caesarean, Jin, whose English is much better now, comes by to talk to Sawyer. Jin says that he's searched grid 133 today and there is no sign of Locke and the rest of their friends. Sawyer says that they'll move on to grid 134 then and they have to keep looking "as long as it takes." Juliet exits the infirmiry in tears and tells them that both Amy and her new baby boy are okay. Sawyer seems incredibly pleased with a big grin on his face.

So what hasn't happened on the island yet that allowed Amy to give birth to her baby? It seems that Juliet would have realized that Amy was further along than all the other women who died on the island before their third trimester. Also, where did Juliet get her mechanics skills? She can really do just about anything, can't she?

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