Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sawyer tells Horace about Kate, we see ankh again

We see Sawyer reading a book as Horace Goodspeed is waking up after his tree blowing up bender. The cover of the book is blank and the spine is not visible, so we don't know what he was reading. Horace wakes up and Sawyer tells him good news and bad news. The good is that he's a daddy and the bad news is that he missed it. Horace tells him that his bender was caused by him finding Paul's ankh in Amy's sock drawer. Horace says that it's only been three years since Paul died and asks "Is three years long enough to get over someone?" Sawyer replies telling him how he "had a thing for a girl once" who he a shot with but didn't take, referring to Kate. He says he used lay awake a night wondering if it was a mistake but now he can barely remember what she looks like. He says she is gone and is never coming back (though that's about to change). He says three years is absolutely long enough to get over someone.

As Sawyer is telling his story to Horace, while it's sad, he seems at peace with it all and happy with the life he has now. Oh how that is about to change.

It's worth noting that this scene is esentially a reversal of the earlier scene in the episode where Sawyer wakes up to find Horace standing next to him (that post is here).

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