Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sawyer and Juliet are in love, kiss

Back (or should I say forward) in 1977, we see Sawyer walking through the Dharma barracks looking very happy and he stops to pick a flower. He walks into one of the houses where Juliet is making dinner. We can see a bottle of Dharma Merlot on the table with the Swan Station logo on it. Sawyer gives Juliet the flower and we see them kiss for the first time. The appear to be incredibly happy and very much in love.

Sawyer seems to have found happiness living with the Dharma Initiative that he was never able to obtain in his pre-island life. The evolution of this character came to fruition with the 1977 timeline and of course as we see him as happy as he's ever been, his life will become more difficult again.

So how exactly did Juliet staying two weeks turn into three years?

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