Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Black Rock crashes into Taweret statue on the island

The Black Rock is tossed about in the ocean by a nasty storm. Richard and another slave passenger named Ignacio are struggling to avoid being tossed about themselves. Ignacio looks through a hole in the ship and sees the island. Then he also sees the statue of Taweret (the four-toed statue) which he says is the devil that is guarding the island. Richard cowers in a corner, clutching the gold cross as a giant wave propels the Black Rock into the head of the statue.

So we finally learn how exactly Richard came to be on the island and why only the foot of the statue was left, all in one short scene. Truly awesome.

Father Suarez sells Richard to Jonas Whitfield

At the jail, Richard looks out the window at the nooses hanging from the gallows where he is to be hanged. Then Father Suarez enters and tells the guards to blindfold Richard. As he is marched through the corridor, Richard says "Lord, please, forgive my sins, I'm penitent and regretful."

They are stopped by Jonas Whitfield who examines Richard's mouth and asks if he speaks English. At first, Richard does not respond, but when they start to carry him away to be hanged, Richard speaks up. When asked what work he did, Richard says he worked in the fields. Whitfield says that he is going to take him to the New World. He gives Father Suarez a bag of coins and says that Richard is now the property of Captain Magnus Hanso.

So Richard barely escapes death thanks to a very corrupt priest and ends up owned by Magnus Hanso who owns the Black Rock. There's a lot more to come.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Richard is in jail, Father Suarez denies forgiveness after confession

We next see Richard in a jail cell reading a Bible. A priest named Father Suarez enters and brings him some food. Suarez asks to see his Bible and then realizes that it is in English. Richard reveals that he has been teaching himself English and he and Isabella were planning to travel to the New World to start a family and a new life.

Father Suarez then asks for Richard's confession. Richard confesses to killing the doctor and asks for forgiveness, but Suarez refuses to grant him absolution. Richard declares that the incident was an accident, but the Father says that it was not. He continues saying the only way to return to grace is through penance, which Richard does not have time for because he is going to be hanged. Father Suarez ends with "I'm afraid the devil awaits you in hell."

It's an interesting bit of info that Richard was planning to go to America. We can see in the scene that Richard is wearing Isabella's gold cross which is important throughout this episode. We also start to see why Richard calls the island hell, because he was supposed to end up in hell according to the priest.

Richard returns home to find that Isabella is dead

Richard returns to his home to find that Isabella has died. She had a bible across her midsection when she died. Richard weeps over her body and then a constable (a law enforcement person) barges through the door.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Richard accidentally kills doctor, gets medicine for Isabella

Richard rides through the rain in the night until he reaches the doctor's house. Richard enters the house against the wishes of the servant. The doctor is sitting at a table eating and refuses to go see Richard's wife because they live near El Socorro, which is a half day journey away.

The doctor says that he has medicine that will help though, but it is expensive. He goes to the cabinet to get the medicine, but then realizes that Richard does not have enough money. Richard offers him Isabella's gold cross and tells him "now you have everything." The doctor throws it on the ground as says that it is worthless. Richard grabs it from the floor and begs the doctor for help.

They struggle as Richard grabs the medicine and he pushes the doctor who hits his head on the table. As the doctor bleeds on the floor, Richard panics and runs out of the house with the medicine past the servant.

So we see here, that Richard is another person who came to the island with a dark past. He is another person that Jacob hopes will show the man in black that all people are not corruptible once they are given a fresh start. Later in the episode, we see that struggle pull Richard between dark and light.

Richard in Tenerife, Canary Islands, 1867, Isabella is very sick

In Richard's first official flashback, we are taken to Spanish island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands in the year 1867. He is riding a horse to his modest home where is wife Isabella is.

When he enters his home, his wife Isabella is sick in bed. He dampens a cloth to cool her head and when she coughs on the cloth, he sees blood on it. He tells her that he's going to get a doctor and he'll be back before dawn.

Richard gathers all the coins they have and says that he hopes it will be enough. Isabella takes the necklace from around her neck with a cross and tells him to give it to the doctor. Richard resists, but takes it. She tells him to closes his eyes and that they will always be together. He kisses her cheek and tells her "I will save you," then leaves.

Isabella telling him to close his eyes will be revisited and will be pivotal later in the episode when Hurley is talking to Richard.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Richard tells everyone the island is hell, Hurley talks to Isabella

Around a campfire on the beach, there is a discussion about how Sun, Hurley and Jack are each candidates for Jacob's job. Ilana says that Richard knows what to do next, but he just laughs. Richard says that he doesn't know what to do and that everything Jacob ever said was a lie.

Richard then tells everyone that they're all dead and that the island is hell. He says that he's going to start listening to someone other than Jacob and takes a torch into the jungle.

Sun then informs Jack that Richard is going to join Locke. This is the first time that Jack hears that "Locke" is "alive" on the island, though Ben tells him that it's not really Locke.

Jack then sees Ben speaking to an invisible person in Spanish that we later learn in Richard's late wife Isabella. Translated, we can hear him say "Why? I don't know. Yes, I can help you, but... I don't know how to find him." Jack comes over thinking Hurley is talking to Jacob, but Hurley informs him that his conversation has nothing to do with Jack.

Then Frank is the probably about the last person to learn that Richard doesn't age and he sets up the flashback saying "And how the hell do you think that happened?"

Ilana gets her instructions from Jacob, is healed

In the opening scene of "Ab Aeterno," we see the continuation of Ilana and Jacob's scene in the hospital from the season five finale, "The Incident."Jacob asks her to protect six people who are the remaining candidates. He says that this is what she's been preparing for.

After it cuts away, we come back and Ilana's face is almost fully healed and she's sitting on the hospital bed next to Jacob. She asks what she should do after she takes the candidates to the temple. He tells her to ask Richardus (Richard).

So how much time passes between when Jacob showed up at Ilana's bedside and when she was healed towards the end? Jacob most likely healed her, but it's not confirmed.

Sawyer tells Locke the Widmore plan, tells Kate they're taking the submarine

When Sawyer comes back to the main island, Locke is there to meet him. Sawyer tells him that all of the Ajira passengers are dead and Charles Widmore is on Hyrda island with at least six armed guards. He also mentions that they're hiding something on the sub and are setting up sonic fence pylons. He tells Locke about the deal he made with Widmore and claims that Locke can now change his plan of attack to get the jump on them. Locke says that he appreciate's Sawyer's loyalty.

Later, at the camp, Sawyer approaches Kate who asks if he's working for Locke now. Sawyer says that he's planning to let Widmore and Locke fight it out. He tells Kate that the two of them will take the submarine off of the island.

This was easily the least dramatic ending of a season six episode so far, but it'll hopefully lead to more interesting plot points. There have been too many plans to take a submarine off of the island though.

Sawyer tells Miles the truth, captures Kate after she crashes her car

In the flash sideways, Sawyer calls Miles to his car outside the police station and shows him the "Sawyer" folder. He tells Miles about his parents' deaths when he was 9 and that he's been hunting down "Sawyer" since he graduated from the police academy. He was chasing down a lead in Australia and got the name Anthony Cooper and has been calling them one by one (which we saw him doing earlier in the episode). Sawyer says that he plans to kill "Sawyer" once he finds him and Miles says that if he would have known, he would have tried to talk him out of this hunt.

Suddenly, a blue car slams into their car from behind. A hooded  person jumps out of the car and starts running. Sawyer and Miles chase cut them of at the end of an alley and Sawyer slams the perp against a chain fence. He spins the person around to reveal Kate and Sawyer is stunned to see the woman he helped escape at the airport.

So clearly, Sawyer in the the flash sideways is very, very similar to himself in the original timeline, hence him helping Kate escape at the airport. It really seems that the only major difference here is his occupation and his friendship with Miles. He's still consumed with vengeance, but in a more controlled environment.

Claire apologizes to Kate, thanks her with a hug

As Kate is walking back towards Locke's camp, Claire approaches her. Kate pulls her gun but Claire starts crying thanks Kate for looking out for Aaron. Claire hugs Kate, who tells her it's okay.

What exactly caused Claire's sudden change of heart? Did she make this decision on her own or did Locke play a role in it? It certainly seems like a quick 180.

Sawyer makes a deal with Charles Widmore, something is locked in the sub

Sawyer makes his way into the submarine where there is another armed guard. Zoe leads him down a corridor past another guard who is seems to be guarding a room with multiple padlocks on it. Sawyer aks about it, but Zoe tells him it's none of his business.

Sawyer enters the office and Charles Widmore introduces himself and extends his hand, which Sawyer does not shake. When Sawyer says that he knows that Widmore sent the freighter to the island to kill them all. Widmore replies "It's sad, really... how little you actually know." Widmore then tells Sawyer that his team did not kill the Ajira passengers either, but he doesn't expect Sawyer to believe him.

Sawyer tells Widmore that he'll go back to the main island and tell Locke that there was no one on the island as long as the people on his own boat are not harmed and are given safe passage of the island. Widmore agrees to the deal, but seems very skeptical that he can trust Sawyer.

So what is Widmore keeping in the locked room? Is it a person or a thing? Also, what is Widmore's mission on the island? Since his people are setting up the sonic fence, it seems that he wants to keep the smoke monster away, but whose side is he really on?

Sawyer watches Little House, is rejected by Charlotte

Sawyer comes home to his apartment, which is incredibly sparse and lacking any personal touches like photos or art on the walls. He goes to the fridge which is mostly empty except for beer, orange juice and Chinese food containers. In the freezer there are four of the exact same frozen dinner, "Country Fried Beef Patties." We can also see a bandage on his hand where he clearly hurt himself when he punched the mirror after talking to Miles.

He sits down with his food and a beer and watches Little House On the Prairie (Sawyer told Kate that he watched the show as a kid in the season 3 episode "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"). In the episode, Charles tells Laura "That's the way you live this life. Each day, one at a time. Now, if you spend your whole life worryin' about something that's gonna happen, before you know it, your life's over and you spent an awful lot of it just worryin'. Hey, you heard that? Now that's what life's all about. Laughin' and lovin' each other. And knowin' that people aren't really gone when they die. We have all the good memories to sustain us until we see 'em again." This clearly hits home with Sawyer and the death of his parents.

Sawyer takes a 6-pack of beer and a sunflower (just like he gave to Juliet in the season 5 episode "LaFleur") to Charlotte's place. She answers the door and is appalled to see him. She rejects him saying that she doesn't know whether he is just lonely, guilty or completely mad. After she closes the door, Sawyer leaves the flower at her door and leaves.

This scene is a clear sign that just because Sawyer made better decisions in the flash sideways, that does not mean that he is happy. He is clearly still tortured by the death of his parents and is living a lonely life, likely unable to connect with women in Charlotte is an indicator.

Widmore's team setting up portable sonic fence, Sawyer taken to submarine

As Sawyer is being marched across Hyrda island by Seamus, Zoe and the others, they pass another group of people who appear to be setting up a portable version of the sonic fence that surrounds the barracks (or New Otherton as Sawyer calls it). Sawyer stays silent during the trek.

As they reach the dock where a submarine is being guarded by two armed men, Sawyer looks a bit stunned. Once they reach the sub, Zoe tells Sawyer to go inside because "he" (Charles Widmore) is waiting for him. Sawyer obliges and climbs in.

So is Widmore's team trying to keep the smoke monster (Locke) away from the sub? Is he worried that Locke may actually try to leave via the sub? It's certainly an interesting short bit of info.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Locke tells Kate he had a crazy mother, now Claire is one too

Back near Locke's camp, Kate is sitting alone amongst the trees crying. Locke comes over and apologizes for the incident with Claire and says that he told her the others had Aaron to give her an enemy to hate, therefore something to live for. He then promises Kate that he will keep her safe just like he promised the rest of the group.

Locke then takes Kate down to the beach where he shows her Hydra island and tells her that's where he sent Sawyer. He tells her that he is not a "dead man" as she referred to him earlier. He tells her a long time ago, before he looked like Locke, he had a mother who was crazy. Because of that, he had some "growing pains" which he is still dealing with and could have been avoided if things had been different. He tells Kate that he told her all of this because now Aaron has a crazy mother too.

So how much of Locke's story can we believe? Did he actually have a crazy mother, or is he telling Locke's story, because Locke's mother was certainly a bit looney? Locke did get emotional during the story which would lead one to believe he's telling the truth, but you never know because he seems to be a master manipulator.

Sawyer figures out Zoe is lying, is ambushed by her people

Zoe tells Sawyer that she was on the Ajira flight and was off gathering wood when she heard screaming. She says that she came back and all of the other passengers were dead. Sawyer says that he'll take her back with him to the main island.

As they walk towards the canoe, Zoe asks a few too many questions about the people on the main island and whether they have guns. He's careful not too answer to specifically until she asks about guns, when he says they have plenty of those. She takes too long to answer questions like where she was flying and what she was going to Guam for.

Sawyer pulls a gun on her, but she whistles and several armed men, including a guy who seems like a leader named Seamus, emerge from the tree line. Sawyer gives up without a fight and says "take me to your leader."

So who are these people that we learn a little later work for Charles Widmore? Do they have any history with the island, or are they more hired guns like on the freighter? One thing is certain though. Either Zoe is supposed to be a really bad liar or the actress Sheila Kelley is really bad. I'd like to think it is the first option.

Liam Pace is looking for Charlie, Miles confronts Sawyer about trip

At the police station, Liam Pace, Charlie's brother, is trying to get information about Charlie's arrest when Oceanic 815 landed. The officer at the desk is currently too busy to help him. He asks Sawyer for help as he passes by, but Sawyer tells him that drug crime is not his department.

Miles then pulls Sawyer aside and confronts him about why he went to Australia. He figured it out by getting a record of Sawyer's credit card transactions. Sawyer refuses to tell Miles what he was doing is Australia, so Miles tells him that they are no longer partners. After Miles leaves, Sawyer punches a mirror.

In this scene, Liam does not look like the nerdy, sweater wearing family man that Charlie visited in Australia in the original timeline, so I wonder how different Charlie and Liam's stories are here?