Thursday, April 1, 2010

Richard accidentally kills doctor, gets medicine for Isabella

Richard rides through the rain in the night until he reaches the doctor's house. Richard enters the house against the wishes of the servant. The doctor is sitting at a table eating and refuses to go see Richard's wife because they live near El Socorro, which is a half day journey away.

The doctor says that he has medicine that will help though, but it is expensive. He goes to the cabinet to get the medicine, but then realizes that Richard does not have enough money. Richard offers him Isabella's gold cross and tells him "now you have everything." The doctor throws it on the ground as says that it is worthless. Richard grabs it from the floor and begs the doctor for help.

They struggle as Richard grabs the medicine and he pushes the doctor who hits his head on the table. As the doctor bleeds on the floor, Richard panics and runs out of the house with the medicine past the servant.

So we see here, that Richard is another person who came to the island with a dark past. He is another person that Jacob hopes will show the man in black that all people are not corruptible once they are given a fresh start. Later in the episode, we see that struggle pull Richard between dark and light.

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