Monday, March 29, 2010

Liam Pace is looking for Charlie, Miles confronts Sawyer about trip

At the police station, Liam Pace, Charlie's brother, is trying to get information about Charlie's arrest when Oceanic 815 landed. The officer at the desk is currently too busy to help him. He asks Sawyer for help as he passes by, but Sawyer tells him that drug crime is not his department.

Miles then pulls Sawyer aside and confronts him about why he went to Australia. He figured it out by getting a record of Sawyer's credit card transactions. Sawyer refuses to tell Miles what he was doing is Australia, so Miles tells him that they are no longer partners. After Miles leaves, Sawyer punches a mirror.

In this scene, Liam does not look like the nerdy, sweater wearing family man that Charlie visited in Australia in the original timeline, so I wonder how different Charlie and Liam's stories are here?

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