Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sawyer watches Little House, is rejected by Charlotte

Sawyer comes home to his apartment, which is incredibly sparse and lacking any personal touches like photos or art on the walls. He goes to the fridge which is mostly empty except for beer, orange juice and Chinese food containers. In the freezer there are four of the exact same frozen dinner, "Country Fried Beef Patties." We can also see a bandage on his hand where he clearly hurt himself when he punched the mirror after talking to Miles.

He sits down with his food and a beer and watches Little House On the Prairie (Sawyer told Kate that he watched the show as a kid in the season 3 episode "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"). In the episode, Charles tells Laura "That's the way you live this life. Each day, one at a time. Now, if you spend your whole life worryin' about something that's gonna happen, before you know it, your life's over and you spent an awful lot of it just worryin'. Hey, you heard that? Now that's what life's all about. Laughin' and lovin' each other. And knowin' that people aren't really gone when they die. We have all the good memories to sustain us until we see 'em again." This clearly hits home with Sawyer and the death of his parents.

Sawyer takes a 6-pack of beer and a sunflower (just like he gave to Juliet in the season 5 episode "LaFleur") to Charlotte's place. She answers the door and is appalled to see him. She rejects him saying that she doesn't know whether he is just lonely, guilty or completely mad. After she closes the door, Sawyer leaves the flower at her door and leaves.

This scene is a clear sign that just because Sawyer made better decisions in the flash sideways, that does not mean that he is happy. He is clearly still tortured by the death of his parents and is living a lonely life, likely unable to connect with women in Charlotte is an indicator.

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