Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sawyer tells Locke the Widmore plan, tells Kate they're taking the submarine

When Sawyer comes back to the main island, Locke is there to meet him. Sawyer tells him that all of the Ajira passengers are dead and Charles Widmore is on Hyrda island with at least six armed guards. He also mentions that they're hiding something on the sub and are setting up sonic fence pylons. He tells Locke about the deal he made with Widmore and claims that Locke can now change his plan of attack to get the jump on them. Locke says that he appreciate's Sawyer's loyalty.

Later, at the camp, Sawyer approaches Kate who asks if he's working for Locke now. Sawyer says that he's planning to let Widmore and Locke fight it out. He tells Kate that the two of them will take the submarine off of the island.

This was easily the least dramatic ending of a season six episode so far, but it'll hopefully lead to more interesting plot points. There have been too many plans to take a submarine off of the island though.

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