Sunday, March 28, 2010

Claire attacks Kate, Locke slaps Claire, Sayid does nothing

At Locke's camp, Kate approaches Sayid who seems to be in a daze. He says that he believes that Locke will take them off of the island.

Suddenly, Claire grabs Kate and pins her on the ground, holding a knife to her neck. Locke comes over and pulls Claire off of Kate and tosses her onto the ground. Claire screams that Kate took Aaron and Locke says she did what she had to since Claire was missing. Claire is still panicked, so Locke slaps her to calm her down and tells her she is behaving inappropriately and tells her to go wait for her across the camp. Kate is teary eyed and stunned as Locke goes to talk to Claire.

This is a weird side of Locke/the smoke monster. He's scolding people and tossing Claire around like a sack of potatoes. Also, Sayid just sits there and lets Claire attack Kate. What is going on in his mind and heart right now?

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