Saturday, April 3, 2010

Father Suarez sells Richard to Jonas Whitfield

At the jail, Richard looks out the window at the nooses hanging from the gallows where he is to be hanged. Then Father Suarez enters and tells the guards to blindfold Richard. As he is marched through the corridor, Richard says "Lord, please, forgive my sins, I'm penitent and regretful."

They are stopped by Jonas Whitfield who examines Richard's mouth and asks if he speaks English. At first, Richard does not respond, but when they start to carry him away to be hanged, Richard speaks up. When asked what work he did, Richard says he worked in the fields. Whitfield says that he is going to take him to the New World. He gives Father Suarez a bag of coins and says that Richard is now the property of Captain Magnus Hanso.

So Richard barely escapes death thanks to a very corrupt priest and ends up owned by Magnus Hanso who owns the Black Rock. There's a lot more to come.

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