Friday, April 2, 2010

Richard is in jail, Father Suarez denies forgiveness after confession

We next see Richard in a jail cell reading a Bible. A priest named Father Suarez enters and brings him some food. Suarez asks to see his Bible and then realizes that it is in English. Richard reveals that he has been teaching himself English and he and Isabella were planning to travel to the New World to start a family and a new life.

Father Suarez then asks for Richard's confession. Richard confesses to killing the doctor and asks for forgiveness, but Suarez refuses to grant him absolution. Richard declares that the incident was an accident, but the Father says that it was not. He continues saying the only way to return to grace is through penance, which Richard does not have time for because he is going to be hanged. Father Suarez ends with "I'm afraid the devil awaits you in hell."

It's an interesting bit of info that Richard was planning to go to America. We can see in the scene that Richard is wearing Isabella's gold cross which is important throughout this episode. We also start to see why Richard calls the island hell, because he was supposed to end up in hell according to the priest.

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