Monday, March 29, 2010

Sawyer figures out Zoe is lying, is ambushed by her people

Zoe tells Sawyer that she was on the Ajira flight and was off gathering wood when she heard screaming. She says that she came back and all of the other passengers were dead. Sawyer says that he'll take her back with him to the main island.

As they walk towards the canoe, Zoe asks a few too many questions about the people on the main island and whether they have guns. He's careful not too answer to specifically until she asks about guns, when he says they have plenty of those. She takes too long to answer questions like where she was flying and what she was going to Guam for.

Sawyer pulls a gun on her, but she whistles and several armed men, including a guy who seems like a leader named Seamus, emerge from the tree line. Sawyer gives up without a fight and says "take me to your leader."

So who are these people that we learn a little later work for Charles Widmore? Do they have any history with the island, or are they more hired guns like on the freighter? One thing is certain though. Either Zoe is supposed to be a really bad liar or the actress Sheila Kelley is really bad. I'd like to think it is the first option.

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