Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Widmore's team setting up portable sonic fence, Sawyer taken to submarine

As Sawyer is being marched across Hyrda island by Seamus, Zoe and the others, they pass another group of people who appear to be setting up a portable version of the sonic fence that surrounds the barracks (or New Otherton as Sawyer calls it). Sawyer stays silent during the trek.

As they reach the dock where a submarine is being guarded by two armed men, Sawyer looks a bit stunned. Once they reach the sub, Zoe tells Sawyer to go inside because "he" (Charles Widmore) is waiting for him. Sawyer obliges and climbs in.

So is Widmore's team trying to keep the smoke monster (Locke) away from the sub? Is he worried that Locke may actually try to leave via the sub? It's certainly an interesting short bit of info.

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