Saturday, May 10, 2008

Emily Locke in Hosptial gives birth to John

Here we see Emily at the hospital after she is hit by the car. She tells the nurse that she is almost six months pregnant. She then gives birth to John Locke and he is put into isolation due to being premature. She yells to the nurse to name him John.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Emily Locke as a teenager hit by car

Here we see Emily Locke as a teenager as well as her mother, John Locke's grandmother. She is in her room listening to the Buddy Holly song "Everyday" when her mom comes in and asks her if she is going out with "him." I assume him means Anthony Cooper (or whatever is real name is). She runs out into the street in the rain and gets hit by a car.

Lostpedia has the date of John's birth listed as May 30, 1956, but the Buddy Holly song "Everyday" wasn't released as a b-side to "Peggy Sue" until 1957. Was the song placement a mistake or is John's date-of-birth wrong?

Also, who was driving the car that hit Emily? Was is similar to the experience Anthony Copper claims to have had when he was brought to the island?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sawyer finds Aaron, screams for Claire

The episode ends with Sawyer waking to find Claire and Aaron gone, and he then hears Aaron crying in the jungle. He finds Aaron under a tree and screams numerous times for Claire.

Christian Shephard's third and most shocking appearance

Claire wakes up in the middle of the night to find Aaron in the arms of Christian Shephard. She says "dad?" Miles apparently sees Claire leave with Christian, but says nothing due to his "restraining order." This is the first time that Christian has appeared to someone on the island besides Jack, except when Hurley saw him briefly in Jacob's cabin.

The questions are endless. Why did Christian appear? Why did Claire go with him? Why did they leave Aaron behind?

Art on Kate's refrigerator similar to art at Santa Rosa

The cutout artwork on Kate's refrigerator is very similar to artwork seen on the walls of Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute in "The Beginning of the End." A couple items, including the orange butterfly and the ladybug are identical. The art looks like it would be in an kindergarten class. What does this art being in both places mean?

The last two screens are from "The Beginning of the End." These screens are originally from this older post.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Christian Shephard's second appearance

As Jack goes out to the lobby of Saint Sebastian Neurosurgery Group to take the battery out of a beeping smoke detector, Christian Shephard calls out his name. This startles Jack, but Dr. Erika Stevenson shows up and Christian disappears.

Jack looks at an x-ray, it's another L-4

We see Jack in his office studying the x-ray of a 36 year old patient name Ryan Laker. This seems to be the same patient that his associate, Dr. Erika Stevenson refers to earlier, which is on the L-4 vertebrae. This is the same place on the spine where Ben had his tumor which Jack removed in season 3.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The ring - Jack proposes to Kate

Jack proposes to Kate after sitting outside of Santa Rosa. She says yes, but things fall apart by the end of the episode. Here's two screens of the ring.

Jack sits outside Santa Rosa

Jack sits outside of Santa Rosa Mental Health Facility where Hurley is a patient. Jack stares at the bench where Charlie comes to talk with Hurley. Jack is obviously distraught by Hurley telling him Charlie's message - "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack." Also, Hurley tells him that someone will be visiting him too, soon. Hurley tells him this after Jack has already seen Christian once.

Keamy's team is not dead, Frank brings first aid kit

Frank Lapidus shows up in the jungle with a first aid kit for Keamy's team, but comes across Miles, Sawyer, Claire and Aaron first. Frank helps them by telling them to hide because Keamy is close. He sees their position with his satellite phone.

The big question is, why didn't the smoke monster kill Keamy and his team? They all seem to be fine except the one guy who we saw dragged into the jungle in "The Shape of Things to Come."

Christian Shephard's first appearance in "Something Nice Back Home"

Here's Christian Shephard's first of three appearances in "Something Nice Back Home." Jack sees him walking through the lobby of Saint Sebastian Neurosurgery Group in the middle of the day.

Juliet's list of supplies for Jack's appendectomy

Here's Juliet's list of supplies that she needs for Jack's appendectomy. She gives it to Sun since she knows where the medical station is, but she doesn't know what the supplies look like. Daniel offers to go with them since he has experience with animal autopsies. Charlotte and Jin go with them. Juliet tells Jin to shoot Charlotte and Daniel in the leg if they try to run.

Here's the list:
  • clamps
  • sutures
  • gauze pads
  • forceps (mispelled on the list as forcepts)
  • drapes
  • refractor
  • probes
  • antiseptic
  • irrigation
  • scissors
  • sponge
  • spreaders
  • iodine
  • gloves

Miles finds/hears Rousseau and Karl's bodies

As Claire, Sawyer and Miles are walking through the jungle back towards the beach, Miles starts hearing voices. He then stops and unearths Karl and Rousseau's bodies. This should finally put to rest the question, is Rousseau dead? Yes she is. Miles' "ability" becomes more interesting each time we see it.

Painting in Kate's house

In this scene with Jack and Kate, there's an interesting painting on the wall. If probably is just a random piece of set dressing, but you never know on Lost.

Aaron's mobile and room

Here's Aaron's mobile and his room. In this scene, Jack is reading to him Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (another of many references to the book on the show). Also, there has been some discussion about the Dharma logo shaped mobile base on Aaron's bed. It's certainly not important, but may have been placed there because of it's shape.